Prediction respected: Lpm Bam Mondovì beats Club Italia in three sets

Lpm Bam returns to success after two consecutive defeats. Prediction respected: Mondovì beats the very young of Club Italia in three sets, with a good choral performance.

Five games played so far, only two victories obtained and above all three heavy defeats, which came against Busto Arsizio, Trento and Brescia, the three teams most likely to jump in category at the end of the year. These are the not very “reassuring” numbers that photograph the moment of the Lpm Bam Mondovì, on the eve of the sixth day of the regular season. After a week away from home, the Monregalesi return to the PalaManera, for the match with the very young members of Club Italia, the team that makes up the Federation every year by inserting the profiles of the most interesting girls from the top team’s youth sectors of Italy.

For an appointment absolutely not to be missed, coach Bibo Solforati goes hunting for the three points confirming the starting-six of the top players, with Ana Tiemi and Decortes on the diagonal, Grigolo and Longobardi in the band, Riparbelli and Pizzolato in the center and Bisconti free (with a Populini now almost completely recovered after last year’s bad injury and eager to be able to give his contribution on the field as soon as possible). On the other side of the net, Club Italia, with the award-winning coach Marco Mencarelli absent for health reasons, fields a formation with undoubted potential, with Passaro ready to alternate with Batte on the dribble, Adriano on the opposite side, Viscioni and Giuliani on the band, Acciarri and Modesti in the center and Ribechi free.

The first set opens with two points from Decortes and a fast from Riparbelli, which lead to 7-3. The reception of the guests immediately went into trouble, so Riparbelli signed the ace on 10-4. The good Monregalese momentum continues: Longobardi scores 12-5 and Ana Tiemi 16-8, blocking. Club Italia forces Modesti to serve and shortens the gap until 16-13, forcing Bibo Solforati to spend the first time-out. The visitors continue to hit hard and reach -1 at 16-15, then Decortes brings Puma back forward with the attack at 19-16. Club Italia is once again in the running with determination on 21-20, taking advantage of some mistakes in attack by the clubs, before the last mini-tear of the Monregalese, which is worth the definitive 25-21 (two consecutive aces from Pizzolato).

At the start of the second set, Club Italia starts strong and goes 3-5, while Puma struggles in reception. The locals reorganize themselves and find the hook on 6 all, before the block at one by Riparbelli which brings Puma back in control, on 10-6. Mondovì stays ahead 12-8 with Grigolo and 17-13 with Pizzolato, while continuing to suffer too much in reception. This time the young Azzurrine are no longer able to get back into the running, so Riparbelli’s ace digs in the groove of 21-14. In the final another ace from Riparbelli leads to 23-14, Club Italia recovers until 24-19, then ends Longobardi 25-19.

Ahead 2-0 in the set account, in the third set Lpm Bam shows up with Grigolo’s ace for 5-3 and with the subsequent 11-7 from Pizzolato (another ace). Giroldi takes over Ana Tiemi on the dribble and Puma continues to score points. At 14-9, Club Italia called the time-out to appeal to their last energies, but the trend did not stop. Longobardi’s hands-out is worth 15-10, while Decortes scores 18-11. In the final you can also see Giubilato, Colzi and Zech on the field. A fast from Pizzolato leads to 21-14, before 25-17 following an error in Adriano’s serve.

Prediction respected: Lpm Bam Mondovì beats Club Italia in three sets – L’Unione Monregalese