Political storm in Italy due to leaking of secrets about anarchist leader

Rome, Feb. 1 The Italian opposition has requested this Wednesday the resignation of a member of the Government and the vice president of the parliamentary committee that controls the intelligence services, whom it accuses of having revealed confidential information about the case of the anarchist leader imprisoned and on hunger strike, Alfredo Cospito , to use them for political purposes.

The main opposition force, the progressive Democratic Party (PD), demands the resignations of Giovanni Donzelli, deputy of the ultras Brothers of Italy (FdI), led by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, and Andrea Delmastro, Undersecretary of Justice, after that the former ensured in Parliament that Cospito had held talks with mafia bosses.

Donzelli’s revelations, as a result of the information provided by Delmastro, have unleashed a political storm and in recent hours the centrist Third Pole, led by former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, and the Greens have joined the requests of the PD, while the The populist 5 Star Movement has not ruled on the issue.

And the Rome Prosecutor’s Office has opened an investigation for the disclosure and use of official secrets after Donzelli “made public the interceptions between representatives of the ‘Ndrangheta and the Camorra with Alfredo Cospito,” local media reveal.

“We have received confirmation that Donzelli did not have access to the documents in the Ministry, as he clumsily tried to justify himself. The revelation comes, according to his own confession, from Delmastro, who, as Undersecretary of Justice, with authority in the Department of Penitentiary Administrations ( DAP) has access to information protected by the secret”, said the spokeswoman for the PD in the Chamber of Deputies, Debora Serracchiani.

The Minister of Justice, Carlo Nordio, will appear this afternoon in Parliament to report on the case, along with the Foreign Minister, Vice President Antonio Tajani, and the Interior Minister, Matteo Pianttedosi, after this Tuesday the Government reiterated that it was not He was going to give in to the followers of Cospito, who in recent days have staged riots in Italy, but also in other countries, such as Spain.

In fact, the country will reinforce its security, especially in institutional places in Rome, after the anarchists have called a demonstration in the capital next Saturday, officially unauthorized, as well as meetings in universities and in front of ministries, according to the reports. Italian media.

The protesters support Cospito, who has been on a hunger strike for more than 100 days, in his petition to remove the strict solitary confinement regime (41-bis) in which he finds himself, a measure initially reserved for mafia criminals more dangerous.

The tension reached the Chamber of Deputies this Tuesday, when Donzelli considered that the mafia was “using” the “terrorist Cospito so that the State would give in on 41-bis”, and insinuated that the recent visit of several PD deputies to the leader an anarchist in prison could assume that they were on the side of “the terrorists and the mafia”.

Cospito is serving a 20-year sentence for an attack without victims committed in 2006 and the deterioration of his health forced him to be transferred this Monday from Sardinia (west) to a prison in Milan (north) with a better medical structure. EFE



Political storm in Italy due to leaking of secrets about anarchist leader