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Political polls today, new appointment: according to the latest surveys carried out by SWG on behalf of La7 regarding the political-electoral preferences of Italians, the situation does not change much compared to the end of 2022, when the data had shown a real boom of the Brothers of Italy and the thud of the Lega and Pd. But Euromedia Research has also investigated citizens’ approval ratings for institutional positions and party leaders, trying to put Italian concerns on paper, especially in economic matters.

Political polls today: updated data on Italians’ party preferences

Who would Italians vote for if we went to the polls today? This was asked by Swg who, on behalf of La7, interviewed Italians to understand which parties they prefer. The answer, compared to the latest data collected, has remained substantially unchanged, with Fratelli d’Italia in first place. In fact, Giorgia Meloni’s party continues to lead the rankings, with a percentage that goes over 30% (gaining 0.7% compared to the previous survey), followed at a safe distance by the Movimento 5 Stelle (17.7%) , which confirms the progress made in recent months. Bad instead for the Democratic Party and the League, at 14 and 8.5 percent respectively. Followed by the Third Pole (Azione and Italia Viva), at 7.5%, Forza Italia at 6.9% (+0.8%) and the other minor parties.

The list of the most popular ministers: Crosetto and Nordio on the podium

Not just the parties: Euromedia Research’s Political Observatory has also decided to draw up a ranking of the members of the executive most appreciated by Italian voters, also reporting the approval rating with respect to the main institutional offices and party leaders. It emerges that the most popular ministers are that of Defence, Guido Crosetto, with a score of 43.6 and that of Justice, Carlo Nordio, with 42.5 points. The economy minister, Giancarlo Giorgetti, follows in third position, with 40.1 points. On the other hand, the approval rating for Transport Minister Matteo Salvini drops, placing him in sixth position, behind two representatives of Forza Italia: the Foreign Minister, Antonio Tajani (36.7) and the former President of the Senate, now Minister for Reforms, Elisabetta Casellati (36.1). At the bottom of the classification, the Minister of the Environment, Gilberto Pichetto Fratin, with 17.3 points.

As far as institutional positions are concerned, the index of trust in Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni is high (39.9 points). On the podium the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, who totaled 58.2 points, clearly detaching the presidents of the Chamber and Senate, stuck, respectively, at 22.3 points (Lorenzo Fontana) and 25.6 points (Ignazio La Russa) . The most appreciated among the party leaders would instead, according to the data, Matteo Salvini (27.4 points), followed by Giuseppe Conte (26.1), leader of the M5S and Silvio Berlusconi (21.4). In the standings, after the podium, Enrico Letta (18.6), Carlo Calenda (17.7) and Matteo Renzi (14).

Most Italians are pessimistic about the economic crisis

Finally, starting from political polls, Euromedia Research also tried to estimate data relating to the concerns of Italians, above all with reference to the country’s economic performance. After two years of the pandemic, the high cost of living seems to worry Italians a lot, put to the test by increases in gas and electricity and by inflation, making most of them pessimistic about the recovery from the economic crisis. “Compared to the next few months, thinking about the economic situation of your family, do you feel optimistic or pessimistic?”, is the question asked to the interviewees. It emerges that 29.2% are optimistic, against 55.9% of pessimists, while 14.9% do not know or prefer not to answer. Despite the bonuses and incentives provided by the Government, therefore, the discomfort of the Italians does not subside, who in many cases fail to see a glimmer of light.

Political polls today: Brothers of Italy still in the lead • TAG24