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The latest weekly survey carried out by Termometro Politico signals a novelty: Action / Italy alive has overtaken the League, becoming the fourth political force, after Fdi, Pd and M5s.

According to the latest weekly survey carried out by Political thermometer, relating to the period between 8 and 10 November, the confidence index of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni remains high, at 45%. When asked ‘Do you trust Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni?’, 27.3% replied ‘Yes, a lot’, while 17.7% replied ‘Yes, enough’.

‘No, not at all’, was the answer of 34.6% of the respondents, while, ‘No, little’ was the answer indicated by 19.3% of the survey participants.

As regards voting intentions, on the other hand, the growth of Action / Italia Viva, given at 8.4%, exceeds Salvini’s League (8.3%) and becomes the fourth political force in the country behind Fratelli of Italy (still growing at 28.4%) Pd and M5S (stable at 17.4% and 16.5% respectively). Forza Italia still loses two tenths and slips to 6.6%. Followed by Sinistra Italiana / Verdi (3.6%), + Europe (2.5%), Italexit (2.2%), Unione Popolare (1.8%) and Italia Sovrana (1.4%).

What do Italians think of the government’s line on landings

The majority of Italians (50.7%) believe that the decision adopted in recent days by the Meloni government to refuse some of the immigrants who arrived on NGO ships to disembark on the Italian coasts is right. Among these, 30.5% believe that any landing should be completely blocked while any asylum applications should be examined outside Italy. 28.6% considered the ban incorrect: “We should disembark everyone and then expel those who do not have the right to asylum”. A further 18.7% think that the ban is inhumane and that all people should be welcomed without distinction and without rejection.

What do the Italians think of the changes to the Rdc

As for the changes to the Citizenship Income, promised and repeatedly announced by the Meloni government, the electorate is divided. 38.4% agree on its modification, as long as the recipients of the subsidy can refuse a job offer, if the pay and job are not decent. 34.1% of the opinion are different, according to which those who take the Citizenship Income must accept any job that is offered to them. 7.8% opposed any modification, while 19% would like to eliminate the measure tout court.

Opinions on the 110% Superbonus are less nuanced, where there is a large majority (60.4%) in favor of a change, but not a cancellation. 19.3% would like to leave it as it is, while 17% want it to be eliminated, considering it a wrong incentive.

How many people have changed their minds about the war in Ukraine?

Few have changed their minds about the war in Ukraine (under 20%). 43.2% continue to support Kiev even now, 15.8% continue not to side with either Putin or Zelensky, while 18.5% believe that Russia has had and still has valid reasons for waging this war .

Political polls, Action-Italy alive surpasses the League and becomes the fourth force in the country