One of the Italy 90 qualifying managers is hospitalized and needs blood

One of the most important moments for qualifying for the World Cup Italy 90 It was, without a doubt, the goal of Pastor Fernandez a The Saviorwhich sealed the ticket.

Although, by decision of the technical Bora Milutinovićthe former striker for Cartaginés, Alajuelense and San Carlos among others, did not go to the World Cup, his contribution to reach it is well remembered and appreciated.

Currently, that hero within the field of play needs the help of others, since he is entering the Hospital Mexico, as confirmed to La Teja Gabriela Fernández, daughter of the former player.

Gabriela told us that her father will undergo heart surgery and they need blood donors, which can be given directly at the hospital or even at any other blood bank in the country.

“He is actually stable, thank God, he is fine, what happens is that he has a little problem in one of the valves and that is why his heart works more than it should work, he has to do this repair or replacement and that is why he is hospitalized, but he is, as they say, with all his legs.

“What they are asking us for is help with blood donation, it does not matter of any type, just that people come to donate and say that it is for Pastor Fernández and they are already assigned it for him. Right now the bank has a very large shortage, so the people who are hospitalized depend on how much blood there is or not, that’s why we ask for blood for daddy, but for everyone in general, “he commented.

Fernández was hospitalized this week, after a control appointment in which this condition was detected about a year ago.

Normally, he went to the hospital to be checked, but they told him that the best thing was for him to wait for a surgery that has not yet been scheduled, but it is expected to be soon.

“It is a situation that at the time we did not know was happening and luckily it was detected. The hospital staff have been super nice to daddy since day one. They left him hospitalized more for a prevention issue, because it was the best and that any little thing had the attention of the hospital, ”he added.

Gabriela told us that everyone was surprised by the topic when it happened, because her father, at 59 years old, leads a very healthy life, eats very healthy, is a fan of salads and goes running every day.

“Daddy is the kid who goes to run seven kilometers at noon, he is a very physically active person, when this happens, obviously we had to cut that and for him that is something that he has missed a lot, that he misses a lot, but thanks God has been very healthy and we did not imagine that he could have one of these problems, rather he scolded us because he exercised more than one, “he said.

Through Gabriela, Don José Pastor also sent a message to everyone.

“Thank you very much for your interest in me, the only thing I could add is to thank all those who can come to donate, I am eternally grateful to Costa Rica for those who in one way or another have approached me and show me their love. And memories. The love of the people is the greatest thing that football could have left me”, he commented.

You know, go to a blood bank if you have the chance, donate not only for Pastor, but for the thousands of people who need it.

One of the Italy 90 qualifying managers is hospitalized and needs blood