One goal in each half, Foggia also surpasses Crotone and reaches the quarterfinals of the Italian Cup

One goal in each half, scored by two players who have not been employed so far. The expert Schenetti and the young Peschetola push Foggia to the quarter-finals of the Serie C Italian Cup. Once again, Crotone di Lerda is at the expense of it, crammed with second lines and never dangerous. But Gallo can also draw good indications from his team, in particular from those elements who have seen him very little on the pitch this past month. The best way to introduce yourself to the eagerly awaited Capitanata derby against Audace Cerignola.

FIRST HALF – “Another closed stadium derby: disgusted by your abuse”. The first starting point for discussion comes from the Curva Sud, with a comment on the decision (for which only the official status is missing) to have Sunday’s match against Cerignola played without the public. The ‘North’, on the other hand, throws it on romanticism (“Prohibitions, arrests, warnings and repression won’t stop our passion”). Then there is the field. Foggia and Crotone meet again, albeit largely without the protagonists of the championship match a month ago. Lerda, in particular, relied almost entirely on the second lines with only goalkeeper Branduani from the starters, from 1′. Crotone takes sides in the mirror, with a 3-5-2 in which Awua acts as a breakwater to cover the defensive trio, with the setter Rojas play decentralized and Panico assaulter. Cantisani on the right remains higher than Crialese, with the primary purpose of curbing Costa’s raids. Proposals that will not last long, either due to the inexperience of the young winger (born in 2004, ed), or due to the initiative of the former Parma winger. It is not a game that travels at a fast pace, but it is all in all pleasant. The median B of Foggia is quite heterogeneous, not for this badly assorted. Schenetti goes in flames, also because he is not always solicited with the due frequency; on the other hand, Chierico’s desire stands out, not always accompanied by lucidity. Odjer is delegated to order and that’s okay. Forward Tonin and Ogunseye fight and jostle, but perhaps more could be sought. However, the Rossoneri soon manage to build the conditions to unlock it. On transitions Crotone shows more than one discomfort and many playable spaces. In the 6th minute Tonin could already revolutionize the scoresheet, his low shot finds the nice detour from Branduani. The same extreme defender with his big foot made up for an outing a bit like Di Pasquale’s attempt to deflect in front of goal, following the development of a corner. Two saving interventions, thwarted in the 24th minute by Schenetti’s right-footed action from the edge, on the umpteenth restart. Ball passing under the goalkeeper’s belly and bagging. Crotone tries a reaction, without the comfort of precision and conviction. Tumminello and Bernardotto create more confusion than anything else. In the end, the only pseudo-danger causes Panic in the 40th minute, with a right foot that catches a not exactly precise Dalmasso. The defense is quick to clean up the area.

SECOND HALF – Lerda changes immediately: Tribuzi on for the evanescent Tumminello and Giancotti for Awua. The second is a 2004, like Filosa and Abbruzzese, who will take over the ongoing tender. A sign that the cup for Lerda is not exactly the main objective. The game is much more fragmented, especially with the onset of fatigue in those players with few minutes matured up to this point in the season. Foggia, as has already happened in the more recent past, finds itself building a significant number of potential opportunities, but always loses itself in the key moment. Gallo puts his hand on the team when the reserve light comes on on the muscles of Chierico and Tonin (inside Vuthaj and Frigerio). Crotone remains in the game without building up big dangers, apart from a dangerous restart archived by a weak right foot from Bernardotto. There is also room for Petermann, Di Noia and Peschetola. And it will be the playmaker from the Inter school who will put the exclamation point on the match a few seconds before the stoppage time. Nice veil by Vuthaj on a low cross by Garattoni, which paves the way for the Rossoneri’s 33rd plate in the running. First goal between professionals and Foggia who can celebrate access to the quarterfinals.

FOGGIA (3-5-2) Dalmasso; Leo, Di Pasquale, Rizzo; Garattoni, Chierico (23’st Frigerio), Odjer (34’st Di Noia), Schenetti (34’st Petermann), Costa; Ogunseye (34’st Peschetola), Tonin (23’st Vuthaj). Subs: Raccichini, Illuzzi, Malomo, Peralta, Sciacca, Maresca, Iacoponi, Battimelli. Trainer. Rooster

CROTONE (3-5-2) Branduani; Spaltro (Abbruzzese), Yacubiv, Papini; Cantisani, Panico (23’st Filosa), Awua (1’st Giancotti), Rojas, Crialese; Bernardotto, Tumminello (1st Tribuzi). Subs: Dini, Lucano, Giron, Golemic, Bove, Gomez, Vitale, Mogos, Filosa, Chiricò, Abbruzzese, Pannitteri, Calapai. Coach: Lerda

Referee: Fat

Assistants: Brother – Spanish

Fourth officer: Vogliacco

Scorers: 24’pt Schenetti (F), 46’st Peschetola (F)

Booked: Awua (C), Di Pasquale (F), Odjer (F), Rizzo (F), Dalmasso (F), Giancotti (C)

One goal in each half, Foggia also surpasses Crotone and reaches the quarterfinals of the Italian Cup