Nice: Italy

Gathered at the headquarters of the CCI Nice Côte d’Azur in Nice, the consular institutions of the Coast signed with their counterparts from the closest Italian regions, a first cooperation agreement in favor of the economic development of the respective territories and their companies. To be continued.

If there is a country that is close to the Côte d’Azur, both by its common border, by its culture or its sharing of the Riviera, it is Italy. But yet, this proximity has still not rebounded on economic activity. In this area, cross-border exchanges have remained very discreet, if not almost non-existent. Attempts that have been made so far to create a real cross-border economy and bring it to a level found in other French territories have not been followed up. Also, the agreement that has just been signed at the CCI Nice Côte d’Azur for a common European cooperation strategy brings new hopes for recovery. (Photo DR: representatives of French and Italian consular institutions gathered at the Palais consulaire in Nice).

Economic issues and common interests

This first cooperation agreement for the economic development of the respective territories and their companies was signed, on the Italian side, by the Chamber of Commerce Riviere di Liguria-Imperia, La Spezia Savona and the Chamber of Commerce of Cuneo ; French side by PACA Chamber of Trades and Crafts, the Alpes-Maritimes Chamber of Agriculture and the Nice Côte d’Azur Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Lasting 2 years, this agreement is based on the observation that France and Italy have common economic issues and interests: business leaders, craftsmen, traders, farmers on both sides of the border are confronted to similar changes in the same sectors of activity, tourism, services, commerce, technology and innovation and crafts.

All the parties have also agreed that efficient land areas, communication routes and transport infrastructures, new requirements related to sustainable development, renewed training offer are all challenges to be met and that in this context, working together with a view to enhanced cooperation is natural and necessary.

What the signed agreement provides

On this basis, the agreement also provides firstly for defining actions to strengthen competitiveness and contribute to the modernization of the local economic fabric in the following areas:

  • Economy and employment: land and regional planning, climate and ecological transition, sustainable mobility, business creation in the green economy, the blue economy, the circular economy, tourism;
  • Support for productive activities (local products) via innovative tools;
  • Services in education, health, the Silver Economy, the promotion of itinerant or remote services.

It is also a question of bringing together projects co-financed by European programs in order to encourage economic development. Third component: initiate the networking of French and Italian public actors within the framework of international treaties.

“Create, between Italy and France, a single attractive European zone”

“The Franco-Italian complementarities imprinted by history, geography and culture go without saying. It is up to us to imagine new sources of development and growth for our Franco-Italian region and its citizens”has recalled Jean Pierre Savarino, president of the CCI NCA. For Enrico Lupipresident of the CCI Riviere di Liguria-Imperia, “the signing of the agreement reflects the will of the companies to create an osmosis between their own experiences, their aspirations, their projects, to exchange good practices and common values ​​with the aim of creating, between Italy and France, a single attractive European area”.

“This agreement crosses administrative boundaries,” he added. Its ambition is to build, ideally, a single pool of business leaders, a melting pot of professionalism and skills that goes beyond linguistic and legal differences.” It is also a new start for cross-border cooperation which has just been initiated. It is still necessary now that it be followed by effects.

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