New Year’s Eve, injured throughout Italy for barrels, explosions and vandalism: in Taranto a child’s hand is amputated

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In Lecce, an 80-year-old with a reserved prognosis. In Naples, eye trauma for two children aged 8 and 10. A woman risks losing a hand in Vercelli. A 25-year-old wounded by a gunshot in Milan. the 115 intervened 646 times to put out fires due to the celebrations

Another New Year’s Eve with injuries for the explosion of barrels, firecrackers and even gunshots. The most serious fact in Taranto, where a 10-year-old boy had his hand amputated for the explosion of a firecracker. Thenall over Italy, severed fingers, eye injuries. Not to mention the vandalism, with many fires set in the street. And the cars destroyed, as happened in about sixty cases in Rome. This is what emerges from the first reports from the police and firefighters – the latter called in 646 interventions throughout Italy for facts attributable to the celebrations — drawn up on the morning of 1 January 2023.

Taranto, the child in Orthopedics

The child injured in Taranto is currently hospitalized in the orthopedics department. Upon his arrival at the hospital – health sources say – he was operated on “immediately”. Attempts to recover the limb were unsuccessful as the right hand was literally torn apart, they had to amputate it and for this reason “surgery on the stump at the level of the wrist” was performed. Now he is “followed with particular attention, like all children, by health personnel”.

Lecce, 80 years old in a reserved prognosis

In Lecce an 80-year-old from Ruffano was hospitalized in code red for bleeding due to the explosion of a firecracker near his head. He is in a reserved prognosis after his worsening conditions made a delicate surgery necessary. The police are working to reconstruct the dynamics of what happened.

Naples, two hospitalized children

Serious facts also in Naples where in the entire province the toll of the injured is 16 people. Five are minors and between these two children: a 10-year-old was taken to the Santobono hospital for a trauma to the cheekbone caused by a bang. Another of 8 was hospitalized for further tests for an ocular trauma to the left eye caused by the explosion of a firecracker. The most serious case concerns a sixteen-year-old who was shot in the face by a gunshot. Accompanied to the emergency room of the Frattamaggiore hospital by his father, he allegedly told the carabinieri that, while he was on the balcony of his uncle’s apartment where he was celebrating the new year with his family, he felt a sharp pain in his face. From there the rush to the hospital. The minor reported two holes: one in the right jaw and the other in the left jaw and for this reason it is suspected that it could be a gunshot wound with entry and exit. The boy is fine and got away with a 10 day prognosis.

Shoot in Milan, 25 year old injured

Also in Milan a 25-year-old of Moroccan origin was injured because he was hit by a gunshot. It happened just before one in a room on the outskirts, in via Giambelino 58, in the south-west area of ​​the metropolis. The man was transported in yellow code to the Polyclinic. A 43-year-old man was later arrested for the incident. Also in Milan, in a very crowded Piazza Duomo – with about 20,000 people – 14 people they have resorted to medical treatment at the «Posto Avanzato Interforces» attested in the former Reale square. Of these, the most serious situation relates to a young 21-year-old foreigner who, due to the explosion of a firecracker, reported the semi-amputation of three fingers on his left hand.

Vercelli, a woman risks losing a hand

In Vercelli, a thirty-year-old woman was injured by the explosion of a firecracker. Rescued by the 118 doctors, she reportedly suffered yellow code injuries and lost a finger. Urgently transferred to the Regional Plastic Surgery Reference Center of the Maria Vittoria Hospital of the ASL City of Turin, she underwent a delicate microsurgery operation to save her hand. In the Neapolitan area, more specifically, a 16-year-old boy arrived at Cardarelli, accompanied by his parents, explaining that, while he was on board a car, the explosion of a large firecracker thrown under the vehicle would have detonated the airbag which then hit him in the face. The young man was hospitalized for a major bilateral eye trauma. A 46-year-old woman was burned on her hand by the accidental explosion of a flare. Five-day prognosis for superficial burn of left palm. A 64-year-old suffered minor trauma to the second finger of his left hand from the explosion of a bang. A 34-year-old received a 21-day prognosis for fracture and amputation of some phalanges in his left hand.

Fights in the Reggio area

In the Reggio area brawls, domestic disputes and damage caused by firecrackers: in the province of Reggio Emilia there were several interventions by the carabinieri on the last night of 2022. In particular in Cerreto, shortly after one o’clock, the carabinieri dispersed a dozen young people involved in a fight: one of them (a 20-year-old from Carrara) suffered a small wound cut to the neck caused by a bottle. In Reggio Emilia, on the other hand, a 44-year-old injured in the calf needed first aid from the explosion of a firecracker and had about ten days of prognosis. Also in Emilia, three injuries are recorded from barrels between Modena and Bolognese. This was explained by the coordinator of the operations center Andrea Franceschini. The two injured in the province of Modena are codes of medium gravity, in Sestola and Frassinoro, in the Apennines. In Bologna, a patient went to the Bentivoglio emergency room and was transferred to the Maggiore.

In Rome 59 cars set on fire

New Year’s Eve in Rome. There are 59 cars destroyed or damaged by flames after firecrackers exploded from midnight to 5 in the morning in various areas of the capital. Also on fire are two dumpsters and a scooter. Shortly after midnight, the carabinieri intervened at Nomentano, after reporting to 112, for a vehicle on fire. In Viale Eritrea, three more vehicles burned down: two Ford Transits and an Opel Corsa. Other interventions in via Appia Nuova where 24 vans and cars were set on fire in front of a rental agency. Another 28 cars caught fire during the night in a garage in via Pietro Tomei, in the Cinecittà area: 14 were destroyed and another 14 damaged. No intoxicated. Three other cars on fire in via della Stazione Prenestina Panda: two vans and a Citroen C 3. Two Ama bins and a scooter

The “pastime” in Palermo and Taranto: firecrackers in the bins

In Palermo it was a long night for the firefighters engaged in dozens of interventions in peripheral areas for dumpster fires. The fires were caused by the throwing of firecrackers inside the containers. This was the pastime for the very young, in many cases seen and reported to the police. There are at least fifteen dumpster fires during the whole night. A bit in all the suburbs of Palermo: from Brancaccio to Zen, to Bonagia and all’Uditore. Same scenes in Taranto. Here «the exact number of containers destroyed by the various fires is being quantified, but it would be dozens. This represents – underlines Kyma Ambiente in a note – a serious economic damage that will be borne by all citizensbecause the damaged bins, totally unusable, will have to be replaced”. In the city, in the hours before midnight, thousands of cars were moved from their usual parking lots to peripheral areas or to arterial roads in any case far from buildings. This is to prevent barrel damage. The same precaution that prompted many traders to protect their shop windows and signs with large cardboards.

Val di Susa, 25 years old falls from Forte Exilles

In Val di Susa (Turin)a 25-year-old fell from an embankment of Fort Exilles during the New Year’s celebrations. Since he was at the base of a vertical wall about 5 meters high, the teams on the ground of the Piedmontese Alpine and Speleological Rescue, the Alpine Rescue of the Guardia di Finanza and the Fire Brigade intervened and abseiled down on the injured person, they stabilized him and loaded him onto the stretcher which was lifted upwards with mountaineering manoeuvres. Finally, the injured man was delivered to the ambulance with trauma to the shoulder and back. The operation ended just before 2 this morning.

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New Year’s Eve, injured throughout Italy for barrels, explosions and vandalism: in Taranto a child’s hand is amputated