Millennials, in Italy IT companies are the preferred by young people

Psychological well-being, the possibility of making a career and obtaining promotions, fun at work, flexibility and a correct work-life balance: these the key factors that attract young people talents in companiesaccording to what the ranking “Best Workplaces for Millennials 2022” published by Great Place to Work Italy. In top 20 of the Italian companies in which the births of the generation Y (1981 – 1997) are happier to work, nine belong to the IT world, with the Milanese Bending Spoons in first place, followed by Sidea Group from Bari and Nebulab from Pescara.

The ranking drawn up by Great Place to Work Italia, company active in the study and analysis of the corporate climate, organizational transformation and employer branding, is based on the opinions expressed by over 94,000 employees, of which 16,453 are millennials, from 210 companies. In these companies, the entire population of Millennials responded to the Trust Index business climate surveyexpressing their opinion on the organization in which they work and their working environment and confirming to work in a great workplace.

The podium is from hitech

The podium of the 2022 edition is monopolized by companies active in the information technology sector and sees confirmed in first place, for the fourth consecutive year, Bending Spoons, a Milanese company active in the field of software devicesbefore Sidea Group, society of strategic consulting It based in Bari, e Nebulaagency of solutions for e-commercand Pescara.

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Among the reference sectors of the companies awarded in the ranking, the main one is information technology with 9 organizations, followed by professional services (4)financial services and insurance and manufacturing & production with two companies each and media, real estate and retail (one company each).

Meritocratic and serene workplace

The companies in the ranking of employers that most attract millennials have, on average, a 27% higher presence of the millennial population (73% vs 46%) compared to the others analyzed and distance the latter by 24 points percentages (91% vs 67%) for the chance to work while having fun and 21 points percentages (86% vs 65%) in terms of well-being and psychological serenity.

Among the issues on which the Best Workplaces for Millennials differ in comparison with the other realities involved in the analysis, there are also promotions (85% vs 52%, + 33%) and the ability to retain talent with 85% of collaborators who are strongly linked to the company (+ 15%). Furthermore, only a little more than 13% of employees thought of leaving their workplacecompared to the average of 22% of other organizations.

“The world of work has undergone significant changes over the last decade and today the individual collaborators – he declares Alessandro ZolloCEO of Great Place to Work Italia -, especially young people, they ask primarily for flexibility. These, in fact, are no longer willing to devote almost all of their time to work. A company that in the contemporary world does not take care of the well-being of its employees runs the risk of losing them and this is now a fact certified by the doubling of voluntary resignations not only in the United States but also in Italy. And that’s not all, the average time spent in a company by a millennial is 3 years and even drops to a year and a half for Gen Z ”.

Talent attraction, digital is a model

Zollo adds: “From the analysis of the ranking data on the best workplaces, it stands out strongly the ability and attention that the digital sector has had in developing and promoting attractive policies for young talents. This makes the award-winning companies a real source of inspiration, confirming how active listening and a culture of trust are able to bring benefits both in terms of attraction and retention of talents, especially for younger ones “.

The opinion of the Millennials company population collected through the questionnaire constituted 2/3 of the total score for the definition of the ranking, the remaining 1/3 of the score is instead obtained from the difference between the perception of millennials and that of the rest of the company population and the percentage of millennials out of the total survey respondents. The opinions, collected through the Great Place to Work Trust Index questionnaire highlight the employee’s experience based on relationship with management, pride in one’s work and in the organization to which one belongs and the quality of relations with colleagues.


Millennials, in Italy IT companies are the preferred by young people – CorCom