Migrants, Italy authorizes the landing in Livorno for NGO ships Sea Eye 4 and Life Support

Authorized landing to ships Sea Eye 4 and Life support. NGO boats, with on board respectively 63 and 70 castaways rescued in the Mediterranean, will have to head to the port of Livorno. The Italian authorities therefore immediately communicated and assigned the safe port for the NGO’s ships Sea Eye and Emergency. In both cases choosing a port very distant from the area of ​​operation of the humanitarian boats: so numerous will be necessary sailing hours to reach Livorno from the Strait of Sicily.

The Life Support ship, as announced by Emergency, concluded its first mission around five in the morning rescue at sea of 70 shipwrecked rescued in the Libyan sar area. There are among the survivors 5 women of which a pregnant one in the seventh month, 2 children under 2 years of age e 24 minors unaccompanied from 13 years. They come from Somalia, Egypt, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Mali. “I am mostly dehydratedthere are some cases of scabies and one case of seizures,” he says Paola Tagliabue, Chief Medical Officer on board Life Support. “It was a complex rescue due to the type of vessel – a wooden boat of around 7 meters – and the number of people on board. As we had been told by Alarm Phone, the boat was overcrowded,” he explained Carlo Maisano, Head of the Emergency Sar Project. At 8:48 Life Support has requested a safe port to disembark the survivors. It’s only been two hours and from Italian Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre Livorno was assigned to 10:59.

Yesterday, always a few hours after the rescue, even to the ship Rise Above of the NGO Mission Lifeline the safe harbor was immediately assigned: this time that of Joy Taurus. On board the vessel 27 Syrian peopleincluding 9 women, 2 children, 3 seniors and a minor unaccompanied. “With amazing speed, we were assigned a safe port, that of Gioia Tauro, a few hours after the rescue. The Rise Above is coming,” the NGO tweeted that a few hours earlier she had reported that people on board were suffering from nausea, exhaustion and hypothermia. A new approach that of the Italian authorities on the management of migrants, which is also strengthened by the indiscretions on the decree ong: a rule of the new code, according to what transpires, provides that in the event of an intervention in the SAR area, the rescuers will have to ask immediately a port of discharge, to which the ship will be held to head immediately after saving, without staying days at sea waiting for other possible help. The goal is to decrease the presence time of the NGO ships in the area where the rescues take place. According to another article, the rescuers will have to immediately ask the subjects on board, who have been saved, the expression of interest on the possible application for international protection of migrants, so that it is the Flag country of the ship to take charge of welcoming the migrant after disembarkation.

(Photo by Davide Preti of Life Suppor rescue operationst)

Migrants, Italy authorizes the landing in Livorno for NGO ships Sea Eye 4 and Life Support – Il Fatto Quotidiano