Melons guest at Vespa:

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Long interview by Giorgia Melonsguest in the studios of Bruno Vespa for his first appearance on a talk show as premier. Aired during “Door to door” on Rai 1, the Prime Minister addressed a series of issues, from the Mes to energy up to Citizenship income and migrants: an opportunity for a first report for the premier after the first weeks at the helm of Palazzo Chigi.

I’m not a person who gets scared, the only thing that scares me is to disappoint. Italians don’t expect you to perform miracles, they know the situation is difficult and can change at any moment. They expect what you do not for personal gain but to do what’s right. I want to do what’s right, in the interest of the nation.

Meloni begins his speech right from the ratification of European Stability Mechanismthe so-called “state bailout fund”.

As long as I count for something Italy does not access the Mes. I can sign it in blood.

Meloni hosted by Vespa, the prime minister on Italy’s role: “She is no longer the eternal Cinderella”

“I’m traveling the world and I had no idea how much longing for Italy there is in the world”, said Meloni speaking of the country’s role at an international level.

Italy is no longer theeternal Cinderella, if not for perception of itself. Among the very exciting things that have happened in recent weeks, I was very struck by a lady who sent me a note in which there was written ‘I I was about to close but you won the election and I decided not to close anymore’. On the one hand it terrified me, because you understand how much impact you have on the choices of others, but thank goodness he also tells you that there is an Italy that wants to believe, wants to fight with you, wants to go forward.

A word also on the issue of gas pricewith the “price cap” seen as “insurance against speculation surges”.

The ceiling is high, but I must say that the proposal made by the Commission was a ceiling of 275. We have reached a ceiling of 180, very close to the Italian proposal. The fact that Europe says: we will not accept excessive price increases has in itself a calming effect, we will not go back to the low prices of a few years ago but not even to the prices of August.

The prime minister from Vespa on the Rdc: “If you only accept the dream job you can’t expect the state to keep you”

Among the “main objectives in these 5 years”, according to the premier, there is that of making Italy “hub” for energy “for the whole of Europe”. As for the Citizenship Income, Meloni reiterates that “decent” jobs exist and are found.

If you refuse to work with decent work why only accept your dream job you can’t expect the state to support you with taxes paid by those who took a job that often wasn’t the dream job.

A closure on the management of migrants, during which “we have often penalized the weakest”.

The ones we welcome are trivially those who have the money to be given to the smugglers, the others not. I don’t think it’s a smart way to handle the problem of refugees and migrants.

Melons guest at Vespa: