Meloni: «Italy will never ask for the Fund to save States. I can sign it in blood”

Of Paula DiCaro

«Migrants, here who has money for smugglers. Income, no to those looking for their dream job”

Greetings to your MPs, that to diplomats and that to all Italians, guest of Door to door. All before leave in the evening for Iraqwhere with the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Defence Tajani and Crosetto in Erbil and Baghdad today will bring the homage of the institutions and the Merry Christmas.

Busy day for Giorgia Meloniwho takes advantage of it for an initial budget of his not easy two months in government, for which he feels he has little to reproach himself for: «Compared to those who hoped and foreshadowed a departure of this majority and of this government as a catastropheall the narrative that has been made about us is coming back to them as a boomerangs». Then, it’s time to relaunch many issues that have characterized his electoral campaign.

And so no dry access to the European funds of the Mesconfirmation of the severe restriction on basic incomeyes to refreshments for traders who pay commissions on the pos, no to uncontrolled immigration like that of those who «have the money to pay the smugglers, whom we welcome» and who have created «frictions with France», full support toUkraine where he intends to go in the first months of 2023 but also the need to become independent of international help from foreign partners, in order not to become dependent on it, whether it is from Russian gas or Chinese electricity. Italy must regain its central roleand also – as he advises diplomats at the Farnesina – rediscovering the use of native language in the midst of “too many English terms”.

“I grew up in conflict, let alone if demonstrations scare me. The only thing that scares me is to disappoint», says the prime minister, explaining that her goal is to have, at the end of the legislature, a more «optimistic country, which trusts its institutions». She knows well “what I’m getting into, I know what powers you’re dealing with, the incrustations, I know that it is a difficult jobI know we will encounter traps, but I think it is within our reach ed it is a priority. For me, if something is right, it’s done.”

And this applies to the themes on which he has based his electoral campaign, starting from monththe fund made available by Europe for health care costs: «As long as I count something, Italy will not access the Mes, I can sign it in blood», he scans. However, this does not mean that Parliament cannot decide to approve the reformas did all the other EU countries: “It’s not a big issue” but “if we’re the only ones who don’t approve the reform, let’s block the others too”, that’s openness. In any case, he announces that he will talk to the director of the Mes about how to make the tool “more useful”.

On the Basic income Meloni reiterates that the fragile, the over sixty-year-olds and those with minor children will be protected, but for all the others it changes: «Decent jobs exist and are available. We would like to create a perfect world where everyone finds their dream job but if you refuse to work with decent work why do you only accept your dream job you cannot expect the State to support you with taxes paid by those who accepted a job that often wasn’t the dream job», he articulates.

Also on the poswhere the government was forced to maintain the obligation for operators to accept non-cash payments, Meloni reiterates that the weight cannot be placed only on the shoulders of the merchants, therefore confirming that it will be done «moral suasion” because yes zero commissionsotherwise “I can consider the commission as extra revenue, tax it and use that money to help merchants who have difficulty”.

It closes with the relationship with France on immigrationanother theme on which Meloni insists on hard line: «Yes, between Italy and France there was friction on migrants. And I claim it. In France they only received one NGO ship and they got angry. The problem is not the refugees. They are the thousands of irregular migrants. We have relocated only 117 out of 94,000 migrants to France and Germany”. And he accuses: “Those we welcome we are trivially those who they have the money to give to smugglers. It’s not a smart way to manage immigration.”

December 22, 2022 (change December 22, 2022 | 22:46)

Meloni: «Italy will never ask for the Fund to save States. I can sign it in blood”