Mattarella longs for a country with a vision of the future

The expected message from the President of Italy, Sergio Mattarella, to close the year

The expected message from the President of Italy, Sergio Mattarella, to close the year (photo: ANSA)

18:09, 30 DecROME By Fabrizio Finzi

(ANSA) – ROME, DEC 30 – The war in Ukraine and issues related to work and youth will be present in the end-of-year speech of Italian President Sergio Mattarella scheduled for this Saturday night, which will also include related issues with vision, responsibility and cohesion.
The Italians, disconcerted by the return of Covid-19, worried about galloping inflation and frightened by the war at the gates of Europe, will receive a reassuring message from the president, who, at 8:30 p.m. (local time) tomorrow, will appear as always in the homes of Italians to motivate them through an energetic and strong speech in solidarity.
Sergio Mattarella will touch the deepest strings of citizens to dampen anxieties and concerns, with the aim of uplifting a country weakened by years of crisis and pandemic, recalling the strength of an Italy that never gave up and that, despite everything, continues to grow more than other countries in Europe.
The message after a complex 2022 will be short (less than 15 minutes) and will be the eighth for a president who found himself in the Quirinale despite himself and who today, from the height of his experience, recognizes a vital country, much stronger than how It is perceived.
Sergio Mattarella turned 81 last July, but over time he has shown the ability to not lose touch with the challenges of this millennium, with the desires and dreams of the new generations, with the difficulties of one of the oldest populations in the world. planet.
Hence, his speech is not limited to taking stock of what has happened since his re-election to the presidency of the Republic.
The Sicilian president, a progressive Catholic, confirmed his impartiality as an arbitrator even with a government clearly far from his personal creed and tomorrow, true to his approach, he will speak to the entire country Without meddling in political issues in the strict sense, Mattarella’s message will act as a hinge between different generations, between young and old: he will carry out his own analysis, remembering that stability rests on constitutional roots and will list the unavoidable challenges, from protecting the environment, to the connection with the PNRR without forgetting his tireless commitment to creation of employment.
The key words of the message will be, in fact, solidarity, vision, responsibility and community.
But perhaps the word that best defines Sergio Mattarella’s thought is “cohesion”.
For years, the president strove to unite, repair, reduce distances and lead to a civil debate tensions that cross Italy.
An effort that certainly will not end with the new government Giorgia Meloni, who, in any case, confirmed the photograph of an Italy split like an apple.
In this difficult context, Mattarella defended Italy in any case, with a sense of community and belonging.
Thus, basic “cohesion” is important in order not to lose the rate of growth, and to face the very serious climate crisis.
A social cohesion based on basic values, which asks young and old alike, as well as the government and the opposition. For the “good of Italy”, he will say over and over again.
It is therefore about having a “vision of the future”, which means knowing how to build that future and in the best possible way, with will, determination and even with a healthy dose of optimism.
Everything, of course, always with great responsibility.
As happened during the pandemic, a topic to which the president will surely refer without alarmism.
His very cautious position regarding the virus is well known, as were his invitations to get vaccinated and to always have faith in science. To give weight and body to the word “cohesion”, there will surely be the example of his position on the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation.
Mattarella will also talk about that “miserable” war and he will do it as he always did, frankly.
There are and will be sacrifices to make but it is worth it: there is an attacker and an attacked and at stake are the values ​​of peace and freedom of the European Union.
Italy knows which side it is on and is doing its part, without admitting distinctions. (ANSA).

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Mattarella longs for a country with a vision of the future – Italy