Masterchef Italia 12: the tops and the flops of the third episode

If you missed this third episode of Masterchef Italia 12, never mind, know that it is the one in which the entire Masterclass turns into a valley of tears: here are all the top and flop moments of the week.

The arrival at third installment of the masterclass of Masterchef Italy 12 comes after one of the most important and robust institutions in the world was rocked by shocking revelations. Before thinking about Harry and Meghan, we invite you to remember that you are reading this article on a gastronomic site. So, let’s talk about another shocking piece of news, even more shocking than William walking down the aisle after having a heartening drink. And if you are now thinking that the news we are talking about is the announcement of the closure of René Redzepi’s Noma, we invite you to get off the bandwagon of gastrofighettissimo immediately and tune in to the radio Francis Girardi.

He, the poor competitor torpedoed in the second episode, before slipping back into anonymity, made Italy’s most powerful talent tremble, indulging in an imprudent comment addressed to the judges (“remember that we are people and not frying pans”). Then, I don’t pay, he even gave an interview claiming – ah, naivety – that participating in Masterchef had cost him a few more hours of analysis. A joke, perhaps, with which poor Francesco did not imagine ending up in the newspapers of half of Italy under the hat “I ended up being treated by the shrink because of Antonino Cannavacciuolo”.

France’, we’re sorry that no one had time to warn you about the meat grinder you got yourself into. Now, know this, you have two options: turn into a meatball and quietly roll around in your silent and anonymous corner or learn from the best and throw all the dirty laundry contained in Pandora’s box to the wind. In the second case, France’, we suggest you look for the number of Harry and Meghan, who will surely be able to explain to you how to do everything in the best way. We stand by, promising we’ll be with you no matter what. Indeed no, the real truth is that we will only be with you in the event of a book written by a Pulitzer Prize that tells of the time when Cannavacciuolo made you fly from one position to another with a pat, but by now you will have gotten used to the small star system lies.

Now, if we want to stop talking about vulgar gossip, we should focus on Sara’s skin dislike.


A sealed fate


Bubu already looks something like a pupil of Antonino Cannavacciuolo: only we notice a certain resemblance to Pasquale Laera?

The Ardos

Masterchef Italy 12

What a couple, the one formed by the young Leonardo (the favorite of the favorites, mind you, and woe to anyone who touches me) and his partner who transforms the duo into a nineties disco band. For 2023, I propose more than what Edoavdo has taken for everyone. My love has got no money, he’s got his strong mallet with bangs. I adopt.


Francesca Masterchef Italy 12

We should all thank Calabria for letting us discover a side of Francesca capable of making us regret her daily whining. Bad luck has it that we will never see her again, her and her very verbose cooking lessons.

It could have happened to anyone, but instead…

masterchef italy 12

Cervix or Ceviche? Whatever the correct answer, it is clear that Giuseppe is as familiar with Peruvian cuisine as he is with the female reproductive system. On the other hand, he’s one for early flaming, as he demonstrated in the pressure test. So much for Gary Cooper.


The unicorn vomit

Bruno Barbieri Masterchef Italy 12

Bruno Barbieri evidently hasn’t forgotten the indisposition that forced him to give up the first episode of the Masterclass, and is keen to remind us that sooner or later everyone in the world goes through moments of unpresentability. Even his unicorn, which just a moment before the recording accidentally vomited on his jacket.

The yearning moment

Francesca Masterchef Italy 12

The now constant participation of Antonino Cannavacciuolo a You’ve Got Mail, in addition to demonstrating how desperate chefs are looking for interns, it is the main testimony of how much Masterchef is Defilippizzando year after year. But are we sure we need all these tears to make up for the lack of flavor in the competitors’ dishes?

The witch and the carrion

francesco sara masterchef italy 12

More than a derby between good and evil – as he maintains, arbitrarily placing himself on the side of the good guys – that of Francesco against Sara is a world final between a hammer on the Zebedee and a bat attached to the hair. After that, if we really want to be honest, sooner or later the bat will come off your hair, while Francesco is so annoying as to be able to cause permanent damage that I don’t even need a hammer.

Francesco’s paraculaggine

francesco-s masterchef italy 12

Never like this year the competitors of the Masterclass have all my solidarity. They see arriving on the balcony, time after time, someone who doesn’t even know how to prepare a crepe, and spreads the dough on the pan with trowels. Strange that they gnaw, eh, France’?

Masterchef Italia 12: the tops and the flops of the third episode – Dissapore