Marne: the students of Sonia Pinto’s Italian course tell us about Florence

In front of the Santa Maria Novella church, the Montmirail group immortalizes the moment. ©LPB

They left with a smile and come back the heart full of beautiful memories of this wonderful trip to Italy. They prepared for it for a whole year and the day finally arrived when, all together, they boarded the plane that was to take them to Florence. There, these students will lose their Latin, because this city is breathtaking. The Land of the Medici will welcome these students of all ages who participate in Italian courses for adultscourses taught by Sonia Pinto. If she is native to the south of the boothowever, she has knowledge of all of Italy. Studies in Rome, friends in Florence, Sonia is at home there

It is at the heart of the city ​​of Lorenzo de’ Medici that Sonia will install her students, in the middle of all this beauty that can be discovered on foot. “Everything is five minutes away when you stay in the city center”, jokes the italian teacher.

Florence the magic city

“Florence is magic”, explains one of the participants in this great adventure. “This city has everything going for it, a fabulous history and also an incredible architecture, a gastronomy to discover. We could fill books with it and it is a trip that is recommended for everyone. »

It is true that when you are in front of the “duomo” of the cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore, the very one that the young Leonardo da Vinci contemplated while still an apprentice. The cathedral then stood for two centuries before the young man whose talent was to be revealed in the very heart of this city. But Florence is also the world famous pen of Dante, poet, writer who knew the foundations of this majestic cathedral.

“To salivate”

Who goes to Florence cannot ignore the Mercato di San Lorenzo, the famous Saint Laurent market. Spread out there before the eyes of tourists from all over the world, hams, pasta, ice cream and other delights of Italian gastronomy. After the smells of cheese and ham, here is the moment of the divine smell of the perfumes of this sign whose foundation dates back to 1221.

More trips to come

Sonia Pinto invites all those who wish to discover Italy with her to get closer to her and become one of the participants in these Italian courses which make everyone happy. “The journey begins from the first lesson,” jokes the teacher with that charming accent from the Italy of all the arts. So, without further ado and to become the lucky participant in the trip which may be Naples or Rome or Venice or Milan, who knows, just get closer to Sonia Pinto: 07 87 37 85 41.

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Marne: the students of Sonia Pinto’s Italian course tell us about Florence