Mannequin of Meloni upside down in Bologna: Brothers of Italy rise up. The controversy flares up

During a demonstration of the collectives in Bologna, a mannequin showing the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni turned upside down

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During a demonstration of the collectives against the government a Bologna was hung a mannequin depicting the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni upside down. The reaction of the Brothers of Italy was very hard.

The social post

The image of the mannequin appeared in a post published on ‘Facebook’ by the page Cybylla laboratory, which opens like this: “” MELONS IN MILITARY SEALS HANGING UPWARDS. WE DO NOT ACCEPT THREATS TO OUR SELF-DETERMINATION! Against any attack on the right to abortion, income and our ability to choose over our lives! ”.

Then we read: “A few days after an ‘anti-rave’ decree we find ourselves again invading the streets of Bologna. It is easy to attack the nightlife and sociability in the media to deprive us of our freedom to create antagonism. this abuse of dissidence disguised as a decree is in reality yet another security law enacted by a fascist government that wants us to be obedient, silent and, in fact, oppressed. This law tells us that in more than fifty people we create a danger to order, safety and public health and we are here today, we are so many screaming that no provision will stop us and that we are happy to frighten you. Today to the sound of music we cross the streets of Bologna with our free and indecent bodies to reaffirm that the world is ours “.

MelonsPhoto source: ANSA

The Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.

The post from Laboratorio Cybylla continues as follows: “Between evictions, university charges and attacks on social policies, this government aims to flatten our lives, our freedoms and our desires. As a Cybilla Laboratory we are currently reversing a symbol of hatred, oppression and militarization. A little more than a month after the formation of the new government, headed by Giorgia Meloni, we are witnessing a lowly and shameful attack on the few crumbs that up until now past governments have dedicated to welfare ”.

And again: “We are told that the right to abortion will not be affected, we are told that economic subsidies will be provided to ensure the ‘right to be a mother’ but at the same time the citizenship income is attacked and reduced, we are told that civil rights are already enough, but in a hidden way we suffer continuous attacks on abortion, freedom of choice and self-determination ”.

The final note: “We shouted it in the streets, we wrote it on the walls and we repeat it today through this moment of divergent sociability: we want much more than 194 and we are not willing to take a step back. We will respond to every obstacle to our self-determination with a barricade. In a few weeks, Giorgia Meloni will arrive in the city for the inauguration of the Technopole and one of the 5 most powerful computers in the world. But it will never be welcome in Bologna and anywhere else. We will reject Meloni, we will reject the elite who will inaugurate the Technopole and we will regain possession of those resources, of those knowledge. We will not accept once again that those who can access luxury, wealth, science and super technologies will be the masters. We will always resist against authoritarian figures who act for a clear consolidation of patriarchy, classism and racism. From today the wind changes, we want a good life, we take it all! ”.

The reaction of the Brothers of Italy

This is the official note issued by the Brothers of Italy on social media: “The violence and aggression of certain leftists know no bounds. We hope that politicians from all sides condemn what happened. Our solidarity with the Prime Minister ”.

The comment of Francesco Lollobrigida: “What happened in Bologna was very serious, where members of the left-wing collectives paraded with a mannequin depicting President Meloni exposed upside down. We hope that the perpetrators of this shameful act of intimidation are identified and above all we expect a clear and unequivocal condemnation from all political forces, primarily the left. Solidarity and closeness to the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni ”.

According to Giovanni Donzelli, “Giorgia Meloni’s mannequin hanged upside down in the square in Bologna is a dangerous and unacceptable sign of violence. Nobody, not even those who sit in institutional classrooms and have stirred up hatred against the right to collect a few votes, can refrain from being indignant. Today they are targeting Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, but in this spiral tomorrow it could happen to anyone else. Now Pd, left and M5s, deign at least to condemn this shame ”.

The solidarity of the Democratic Party to Giorgia Meloni

Debora Serracchiani of the Democratic Party has expressed its solidarity with Giorgia Meloni. On social media he wrote: “Solidarity with President Meloni. In Bologna an intolerable episode that must be strongly condemned. Democracy is confrontation, even confrontation, never a threat ”.

Also from the Democratic Party, the comment of Simona Malpezzi: “It is very serious what happened yesterday in Bologna where during a procession a mannequin depicting the president Giorgia Meloni was exposed upside down. We strongly condemn every act of hatred, intimidating and violent. Solidarity with the Prime Minister “.


Photo source: ANSA

Mannequin of Meloni upside down in Bologna: Brothers of Italy rise up. The controversy flares up