Luxury in Italy 2023 Player comparing staff, quality and unexpected resorts

2022 was a short year, even in luxury tourism. The flows concentrated from April onwards, when it was possible to travel again, and the explosion in demand created the hitches we all know, especially as regards transport. But not only.

And on the eve of 2023 some issues remain unresolved, while completely unexpected themes emerge.

atlatest ILTM TTG Luxury probed the souls of the sector, from the large hotel groups to the DMCs that take care of the upper level customer up to the last of his wishes and the picture that emerges is one of great satisfaction, but with a small alarm bell: attention to quality.

An excellent vintage, with some hiccups
“2022 was a year that was too fast, in which we worked a lot but too quickly. It was certainly the year we’ve been waiting to get back to business, but the risk of quality running away is just around the corner” he says Simon Marimanaging director of DiVita Tours.

He gives her support Julius Abbatemanaging partner of Italy Luxury Travel: “It was a year of very intense work, excellent for us, even doubling on 2019. Of course, working on large numbers, with very high demand, risks creating difficulties in terms of quality”.

One of the big names in the international hotel industry also speaks of quality: “The boom in demand that occurred in April and May created a series of problems, and not just in air transport” he says Sir Rocco Fortewhich focuses on a theme that will also be very hot in 2023, that of personal. “The main problem remains that of personnel: not only is there a shortage, but there is no qualified personnel. And since high-quality service is a ‘paramount’ for luxury, there is concern”.

the coming year
Because the new year seems to bring great satisfaction in terms of numbers, but the risk of colliding with unsolved problems in 2022 is very present. “In 2023 we expect 20-25% more traffic than this year, which has already been extraordinary – he says Salvatore Lo Giudiceone of the two holders of Sicily Lifestyle – but let’s not hide the fact that there is a problem of qualified human resources also in the services sector. Indeed, I will say more: the demand grows exponentially, while the offer of services does not grow in equal measure”.

The staffing problem, however, does not seem to frighten Bulgari Hotels & Resorts. “We operate by putting people first – says the senior director Attilio Marro -: we have people who have been working with us for twenty years and young people to train. It’s a great mix.”

And quality, according to Marro, can be stimulated by competition. An emblematic case will be Rome: “The many new openings of big brands don’t worry us – says Marro, who is preparing for the opening of the Bulgari Hotel Rome -; indeed, it is an opportunity extraordinary to increase the quality of the accommodation offer in the capital”.

Competition and prices
Despite the competition between brands, on the European market, it is getting stronger, with a hotel scene that is enriched with brands, prices are skyrocketing. “We are faced with inconceivable figures – says Abbate of Italy Luxury Travel – we are registering increases ranging from 30 to 200 percent”. And even Rocco Forte underlines the increase in prices, even if included in a range that goes from 20 to 50%.

“The competition in Europe doesn’t worry us – he says Victor Clavellsenior vice president of operations Emeac of Rosewood – We have respect for everyone, but we don’t focus on this”. Also because there seems to be room for growth, even in Italy, for different products.

Resorts in Europe (urban and non-urban)
“We are proposing a new type of hospitality in Italy – he explains Mike Minchinchief marketing officer of Auberge Resort Collection which will open its first Italian hotel on the hills of Florence -: our idea is that of a city resort, which combines the attractiveness of the city of art with the mood and opportunities of a resort”.

A theme shared by Rosewood and pushed even further by Candice D’Cruz, vice president – luxury brands – Europe, Middle East & Africa by Marriott Internationalwhich imagines “glamping and tented camps also in some areas of Europe”.

The reason is explained by some data illustrated by Tom Rowntreevice president of Global luxury brands of IHG: “By 2025, 61% of luxury travelers will travel with children in tow,” he says. And it is clear that a resort is more interesting for welcoming a family.

Luxury in Italy 2023 Player comparing staff, quality and unexpected resorts