Lottery Italy 2022, how it works: prizes, final draw and where to buy the ticket

Come back again this year Italy lottery. A tradition that has been going on in our country for over 50 years, since in 1955 the then Ministry of Finance instituted this prize competition. In recent times, the Italian Lottery has undergone a certain downsizing also due to the enormous competition given by other games with very similar functioning that offer prizes of even higher amounts.

But in our country there is still a large number of people who try their luck at the Italian Lottery. Let’s see how to participate, what the prizes are and when the extraction will take place.

Lottery Italy 2022: prizes up for grabs and where to buy the ticket

For participate in the Italy Lottery 2022 it is necessary to purchase a coupon costing 5 euros containing an alphanumeric code. Tickets can be purchased until January 6 in many points of sale located throughout the country such as bars, tobacconists, newsstands, service stations but there is also the possibility of getting them on digital stores until January 3.

Lots of prizes available. Starting with those of 1st category with the grand prize already announced to be from 5 million euros. All others will be decided on the day of the draw by the Lottery Drawing Operations Committee after the proceeds from ticket sales have been ascertained. Presumably 4 other prizes in the 1st category of an amount exceeding one million euros are foreseen. Then there will be the so-called consolation prizes from the 2nd and 3rd categories. Last year, 10 2nd category prizes of 100,000 euros each and 50 3rd category prizes of 20,000 euros were drawn.

We will see the new amounts and quantity this year but it shouldn’t differ much.

When will the draw take place?

Once again this year the prize draw is linked to the broadcast conducted by Amadeus «Soliti Ignoti – The return» aired on January 6 in prime time on Rai uno. During the broadcast, the codes of the winning tickets for the 1st category prizes will be drawn, including the first prize of 5 million euros.

During the night there will also be a draw for all the 2nd and 3rd category consolation prizes. All the winning coupons will in any case be reported in the official bulletin of the Italy 2022 Lottery draw, published on the website of the Customs and Monopolies Agency and on the site

In any case, ample prominence will also be given in the main paper and web newspapers.

How to collect a prize from the Italian Lottery

A ticket is a winner if the alphanumeric code at the bottom of the coupon corresponds to one of those drawn. A Lotteria Italia prize must be claimed by presenting the ticket within the 180th day from the date of publication of the official bulletin.

In case of winning paper ticket this must be delivered intact and in original at the owner’s risk to:

  • the Prizes office of Lotterie Nazionali Srl – Viale del Campo Boario, 56/D – 00154 Rome, which will issue a specific receipt;
  • any Intesa Sanpaolo branch in Italy. The bank will forward it to the National Lottery Prize Office, issuing the player with a specific receipt.

In case of ticket purchased online the payment request must be made exclusively by the holder of the gaming account through which the coupon was purchased at:

  • the Prizes office of Lotterie Nazionali Srl, viale del Campo Boario 56/D 00154 Rome;
  • any branch of Intesa Sanpaolo.

Between method of collection that the winner will be able to choose are:

  • cashier’s check to be cashed at any branch of Intesa Sanpaolo;
  • credit to your bank or postal current account.

Prizes are usually paid within 45 days of submitting the request to collect the winnings. For more information, call the toll-free number 800 929394 every day from 7:00 to 20:00 or send an email to

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Lottery Italy 2022, how it works: prizes, final draw and where to buy the ticket