Look at that Lume, third in Italy in 2022 (also ahead of Milan) for average points

Of Luca Bertelli and Matteo Carone

In the Valgobbini, ascended from Excellence to D and now close to C, the figure of Caracciolo is central. First player, now president: “Now I don’t miss the pitch, in the first period I had a setback but I overcame it”

Look at that light. Even without the sea, and Fred Buscaglione doesn’t take it badly, it’s a nice sight. The Valgobbini, who in the summer of 2018 started from scratch after celebrating their silver wedding anniversary with Serie C (25 consecutive years between C1 and C2 with Serie B missing by a whisker, in the historic and bloody final with Cesena del 2004), close 2022 with such an exceptional points average as to place them on the podium of the Italian teams playing from Serie A to Serie D.

Only Napoli and Catanzaro, both in the lead as rulers in A and C, as well as Brescia in group B of the fourth series, have done better. And by very little: two and a hundredth of a point, that’s how much it divides the datum of 2.38 and 2.37 from the 2.36 accrued by Lumezzanedivided between the first half of the season in Excellence and the second in the league that has always distinguished semi-professionalism. The points are 78 in 33 matches: enough and more to keep AC Milan and Allegri’s comeback behind themin addition to the whole army of clubs (especially from the south) that in Serie D aim to jump just like the company of the president Caracciolo. First footballer, until his mission accomplished farewell last April, then president after starting his career as sports director: he is the symbolic man chosen by the Camozzi family, who has invested money and ideas in the rebirth, to return to the professional ranks .

Mission well advanced, but not yet completed: «The numbers certify that we are doing a good job – says l’Airone – here I found serious, respectable entrepreneurs, also attentive to social issues, who made up their minds to bring the Lamp among professionals. First we have to hold off the second (Alcione, trailing by eight points at the halfway point, ed) and then create the foundations to stay in C. Capitan Pesce and mister Franzini are the pillars of the project, our luck: they united the locker room. Then, calmly, we can aim for something more ». But it wasn’t easy to immerse yourself in a new reality. And move from field to desk, with new tasks: «From March to July I toured the fields with Carlo Zerminiani – now sporting director – to build the team. And we didn’t miss a player, the facts are proving it: we paid attention to the balance of the group. But I was always on the pitch, it was a smooth transition. Much more complicated to transform from ds to president: there was a backlash, now I’ve overcome it. I have enthusiasm, in a certain sense I don’t miss the field at all ».

Caracciolo, however, also means Brescia: «My favorite team remains – he admits – seeing them in difficulty and with the stadium half empty hurts me». You can, and should, call him president. But a Heron is forever.

December 31, 2022 (change December 31, 2022 | 12:26)

Look at that Lume, third in Italy in 2022 (also ahead of Milan) for average points