Learn Italian while visiting Rome

Enjoy Italian cuisine

PWhy not start your journey with a real Italian coffee, part of the culture. It is not uncommon for Italians to meet at the counters in the morning to enjoy an espresso or a good cappuccino. For the Romans, coffee is a brief and courteous moment of exchange before starting the day, but for you who are not in such a hurry, it is an opportunity to chat with several people and practice the language.

For your meals of the day, go to a pizzeria or a good restaurant to taste the Italian pasta. Take the opportunity to order your dishes in Italian, helping you if you need a translator.

At snack time, ice cream is of course a must, and again don’t miss an opportunity to learn new vocabulary words by memorizing the names of your favorite flavors.

Finally, end your taste journey in style, by going to a bar to taste a typical “aperitivo”. Prosecco, Martini, Spritz, Limoncello, the options are endless. Italians are quite friendly and talkative by nature; ideal for getting to know each other. Some bars even organize evenings specially dedicated to meetings between foreigners to practice languages, something really to mix business with pleasure.

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Immerse yourself in the heart of Rome’s history

Rome is a historic city with no less than 6 UNESCO listed sites and dozens of iconic monuments and squares. The Colosseum, the Trevis Fountain, the Pantheon, the Sistine Chapel; enough to make beautiful itineraries every day. During your visits, remember to take the explanatory brochures in Italian and French if you need the translation, in order to practice reading. You can also take tours of the city accompanied by a teacher guide to introduce you to the language and culture of the country.

Explore Italian museums

The Italian capital is full of museums for all tastes; National Roman Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome, Vatican Museums, etc. Whether you prefer guided or solo tours, they are a good opportunity to practice Italian, written and spoken, by reading the different explanations or by taking an audioguide.

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Roman life

To learn a foreign language, it is complete immersion that allows you to progress the most. The brain learns faster with prolonged exposure, so take advantage of your trip to Italy to live the Italian way. Take the initiative to follow local news, on TV and radio, and broaden your horizons by discovering popular music on the other side of the border. You can also go to the cinema to practice understanding the dialogues, or watch a series that you know well in Italian. Avoid speaking and hearing French as much as possible to improve faster. If you start dreaming in Italian, you are on the right track. Finally, don’t neglect fun learning apps or on-site language lessons that will allow you to work on grammar and conjugation rules, which are harder to learn on the job.

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Learn Italian while visiting Rome