“Le Iene present: Inside”, the story of Carlo Gilardi on Italia 1

The previews of the third episode: tonight the latest news and recap of the story of the rich 90-year-old who had been locked up for two years in an RSA against his will

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The third seasonal appointment of the program will be aired tonight, in prime time on Italia 1 “The Hyenas present: Inside“. After the monographic episodes dedicated to David Rossi and Angelo Vassallothis time the transmission shines the spotlight on the case of Carlo Gilardiwealthy ninety years old locked up against his will in an RSA. Let’s find out the recap of its history and all the previews of the evening.

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“Le Iene present: Inside”, the Carlo Gilardi case

Scheduled for Sunday 13 November 2022, the new appointment of the in-depth study of the Hyenas is led by Nina Palmieri and has the title “Carlo and the others: when protection becomes a spider’s web“. At the center of the episode, two main lines. We start from the now well-known story of Carlo Gilardi, the elderly and wealthy professor from Aiuruno who has been at the RSA “Airoldi e Muzzi” in Germanedo since 24 October 2020. The hyenas in the services aired on November 17, 2020 and February 16, 2021 told his odyssey, denouncing some obscure points of the story, starting from forced hospitalization in a nursing home which – according to the theory illustrated by the program – would have been decided by the support administrators of the former teacher of Parini di Lecco to get their hands on his huge patrimony.

The support administration: from Gilardi to the other victims

Tonight “Inside” traces the whole history of Carlo up to latest newsand then broaden the circle to the story of support managementthe figure created to help those who are unable to provide for their own interests. Established about two decades ago, this system was designed with the aim of protecting people who, due to an illness or a physical or mental impairment, they need help in managing their assets and taking care of their daily needs, always respecting their interests. A noble goal, but in some cases – like Gilardi’s – protection risks becoming a spider’s web from which it is impossible to free oneself. The hyenas tonight, therefore, will tell the vicissitudes of those who find themselves or have found themselves entangled in the bonds of bureaucracy, losing the freedom to choose how, where, with whom to live and even where to die.

Le Iene present: Inside: the next episodes

Started three weeks ago, Le Iene present: Inside is a cycle in six evenings for six themes to be explored beyond the usual services during the weekly appointment with Le Iene Show. Each appointment is dedicated to a particular topic, a story already followed in the past by the program, which is retraced, enriched and updated with unpublished interviews, services and insights. After the special on Carlo Gilardi, three appointments remain on the cart; the next episodes will cover the following topics: a focus on Basic income and other alternative forms of livelihood proposed by other nations, a report ondrug industry and finally a special finale to celebrate the 25 years of “Le iene”with backstage and unpublished images.

When and where to see it

The third episode of the “Inside” format of the Hyenas airs tonight in prime time on Italia 1 from 20:30, with streaming available live and on demand on the Mediaset Infinity platform at the official website.

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“Le Iene present: Inside”, the story of Carlo Gilardi on Italia 1