Italy will continue the installation of a regasification vessel on the Tuscan coast

This content was published on December 22, 2022 – 16:03

Rome, Dec 22 (EFE) who opposes this infrastructure.

The Piombino regasifier is part of Italy’s strategy to end energy dependence on Russia, although the town closest to the new facility has been rejecting the project for months and filed an appeal before the Administrative Court in order to stop the concession for His construction.

The court estimated that the work did not violate any environmental regulations but scheduled a hearing for March 8 in which the merits of the appeal will be discussed.

The installation of this regasifier was the idea of ​​Mario Draghi’s Executive, but his successor, Giorgia Meloni, has given no sign of wanting to stop it.

In this way, the mayor of Piombino, Francesco Ferrari, of the ultra-right party Brothers of Italy, has launched a struggle with the government of Tuscany, of the progressive Eugenio Giani, but also with the national one, in the hands of Meloni, leader of his formation. .

The councilor justified his appeal by saying that the installation of this ship could have consequences for public health, as well as for port operators, for which reason he demanded a safety verification by the magistracy.

“We are aware of the energy emergency and the nature of the national interest of the new gas supply measures, but this cannot be done without the guarantees for the safety of the Piombino community,” he claimed.

Snam, a state-controlled company, has acquired this ship, the “Golar Tundra”, with a storage capacity of about 170,000 cubic meters of liquefied natural gas and a continuous regasification capacity of 5,000 million cubic meters per year.

The initial idea was to finish it this year so that it could start operating next spring with liquefied gas arrived by ships, a part of Italy’s energy strategy to limit dependence on Russia after the Ukrainian invasion.

On the other hand, on November 8, Italy gave the go-ahead to the installation of another regasification vessel on the Adriatic coast, a few kilometers from the city of Ravenna, in the northeast of the country, with the same objective.

Draghi undertook a series of measures to limit the energy dependence of a country, Italy, which imported 90% of the gas it consumed and, furthermore, 40% came from Russian territory.

At present, Russia is no longer its main gas supplier and has been replaced by Algeria, a country with which it is linked by a gas pipeline that starts in North Africa, crosses the Mediterranean and ends in Sicily. EFE


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Italy will continue the installation of a regasification vessel on the Tuscan coast