Italy: students demonstrate against Giorgia Meloni and lobbies

Italian students demonstrated in several cities in Italy this Friday against Giorgia Meloni on the occasion of “No Meloni day”. They attacked other political figures and lobbies.

In Italy, students expressed their discontent and despair, in Milan, Rome, Bologna, Turin or Naples.

Milan: demonstrators burst into the State University of the Lombard capital

According to our colleagues from Milanoinmovimento, in the Lombard capital. The demonstrators met in front of the Milan Cathedral, “il duomo”.

They were nearly 2000 to demonstrate in the streets of Milan.

According to the Independent Media, the students sang songs insulting Giorgia Meloni, but also the President of the Italian Senate, Ignazzio La Russa. The former defense minister went through the neo-fascist and anti-communist movements. He is the founder of the Fratelli d’Italia party, of which he was president before giving way to Girogia Meloni. Considered a neo-fascist by his detractors, he calls himself a conservative, even if his Ingres violin is to collect objects that belonged to Benito Mussolini.

The students also attacked the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Lorenzo Fontana, who is a member of the Northern League. A traditionalist Catholic and close to Matteo Salvini, he is one of the architects of the League’s identity and sovereignty shift. While Italy is experiencing a demographic decline, he calls for reviving births “against the Islamic invasion”.

According to the newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano “, “The young people launched a flash mob, their hands painted red, to protest against the deaths caused by the alternation between school and work. »

What confirms “LocalTeam”, which specifies that the demonstrators were protesting against Assolombarda, the association of industrialists of the Metropolis of Milan and the Provinces of Lodi, Monza and Brianza. This lobby protects the interests of more than 6,000 companies of all sizes: small, medium and large, national and international, producing goods and services in all product sectors. It intervenes in areas such as institutions, training, environment, territory, culture, economy, work, civil society.

Il Fatto Quotidiano », specifies that ‘Students of the procession of ‘No Meloni Day‘ burst into the courtyard of the State University of Milan for ‘an assembly after the demonstration’”.

Information confirmed by Milanoinmovimento.

Rome: Students demonstrate in front of the Ministry of Education

In Rome, “The protesters went to the Ministry of Education”.

According to “Local Team”, the names of birds were also outings. The students notably sang “Meloni va fan culo”. They claimed that “Giuliano is still alive”. Salvatore Guiliano was a Sicilian peasant, bandit and separatist. Considered the Italian Robin Hood, he stole from the rich to give to the poor.

Turin: students demonstrate in front of the Piedmont region hotel and denounce the lobbies

In Turin, students threw eggs soaked in red paint at police lined up in riot gear outside the entrance to the Hotel de la Région du Piedmont.

The students also protested against the lobbies by carrying out a “symbolic action against Confindustria in Turin”setting fire to a “cardboard with red handprints”. The General Confederation of Italian Industry is a representative organization of Italian companies which aims to grow the Italian economy and is part of the IO, the International Organization of Employers. Confindustria is accused of having economically supported fascism during the rise of Mussolini. She owns the press group Il Sole 24 Ore which owns the eponymous business daily, a radio station, a press agency, a publishing house and magazines in Italy.

Bologna: tension and confrontation with the police

In Bologna, the students also organized a flash mob. “Local Team” indicates that “duct tape over the mouth, they bond with the economy “.

Bolognese students “entered the rectorate, knocking on doors to ask for an appointment”.

Student members of the Autonomous University Collective who have no place to sleep were squatting in a disused building belonging to the university. According Il Fatto Quotidiano “, “clashes between the riot police and the university collective Cua” exploded during the eviction of the building.

“I’ve never taken part in an occupation, it’s the first time for me, I’m doing it because I don’t have a place to sleep and in Bologna the prices for rental houses are crazy. Once I found a room at a reasonable price, I called the day after the ad came out, but the owner told me that she had already received 300 requests. Now I will ask for hospitality from a friend”explained to our Italian colleagues a student who had just been expelled.

Editor-in-chief VERIDIK

Italy: students demonstrate against Giorgia Meloni and lobbies