Italy seeks the axis with Malta, Cyprus and Greece on migrants. Madrid takes off. Ambassador Elbling: “NGOs deserve gratitude and support”

Italy towards new immigration measures

Despite the controversy and the tear of France, the Meloni government is willing to go straight. And the “new measures” on immigration announced at the press conference by the premier are beginning to take shape, even if for the moment there are no drafts or documents ready on the desk of Minister Matteo Piantedosi at the Interior Ministry. The idea on which we seem to be moving at the moment is to take back the decrees signed by Matteo Salvini when, as minister and vice-premier of the first Conte government, he launched his battle against non-governmental boats operating in the Mediterranean . With a clear goal: to have more stubborn tools available to block the ships of humanitarian organizations.

The measures of 2018 against “sea taxis”

The same as four years ago. It was 2018, the yellow-green government had just been born – just like that of the first female prime minister – and the executive sent a clear message to those that Salvini himself has always labeled as the “sea taxis”. The obstacles to overcome, however, are not few. Considering above all the fact, not secondary, that the measures were accompanied by the remarks of the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella himself and dismantled most of the rulings of the Council.

The decree that allowed only fragile women and children to land

What is certain is that the government, at odds with France precisely on the issue of redistribution and the reception of migrants, is ready to put a new hand on the issue that accompanied the “hot” summer election campaign. The first step was the inter-ministerial decree – signed by the ministers of the Interior, Defense and Infrastructure – to grant disembarkation on the Italian coasts only to fragile people, women and children. A provision that, in all likelihood, could be used precisely to arrive at the administrative seizure of boats – ordered by the prefects – if they do not comply with it to the letter.

Max-sanctions hypothesis

In any case, the new provisions should end up in a broader decree on safety on which the competent legislative offices will begin to work in the coming days. Furthermore, the maxi-sanctions on NGO boats that, at the time of the bis security decree, could reach up to one million euros will also be dusted off. A figure that will not be proposed again but which is possible instead settles between 10 thousand and 50 thousand euros, as was initially also foreseen in Salvini’s safety decrees.

Ports risk being closed again

Not only. Minister Piantedosi could also revive the rule that allows the Interior Ministry the possibility of limiting or prohibiting the entry, transit and parking of ships for safety reasons. The ports, therefore, risk returning “closed”, as the then minister Salvini was pleased to be in the first Conte government. The intention remains to have greater control of landings, inviting NGOs to respect international laws, as also reiterated by Minister Piantedosi himself in the joint declaration with his counterparts in Malta, Cyprus and Greece.

Italy seeks the axis with Malta, Cyprus and Greece on migrants. Madrid takes off. Ambassador Elbling: “NGOs deserve gratitude and support”