Italy seeks “irregular practices” behind the increase in fuel prices

This content was published on January 10, 2023 – 17:38

Rome, Jan 10 (EFE) .

The president of the antitrust entity, Roberto Rustichelli, wrote to the general commander of that police force, Giuseppe Zafarana, to request his collaboration, according to a statement.

Specifically, it summoned him to “acquire documentation regarding the recent controls carried out on fuel prices, with particular reference to the violations verified.”

The situation is worrying in the Government of Giorgia Meloni, who on Tuesday held a meeting with Commander Zafarane, together with his Economy Minister, Giancarlo Giorgetti, to discuss the issue.

Specifically, the objective of the meeting, of which details have not yet been revealed, was to study measures against “speculation” in the increase in fuel prices.

Italy is witnessing a sudden increase in the price of fuel: last week the price of a liter of gasoline and diesel was 1.81 and 1.86 euros, respectively, representing an increase of 18.7 and 16.1 cents compared to January 1, according to data from the Ministry of Economic Development.

At some gas stations on the Italian motorway network, this price reaches 2.5 euros, according to various consumer organizations and unions.

The Government of Meloni believes that behind this phenomenon there is an alleged “speculation” by oil companies and gas stations, but its opposition and said organizations reproach that it is due to the increase in a series of excise taxes.

The previous government, chaired by Mario Draghi until October, approved a series of measures to contain the increase in these taxes and the price of fuel, but Meloni did not renew them, which supposedly has caused the increase with the new year.

This is confirmed by entities such as the Italian Autonomous Federation of Gas Stations (FAIB), which pointed out that these prices are “linked to the full reintroduction” of said excise taxes, applied in the past, even decades ago, but never withdrawn.

So much so that, according to his calculations, filling the tank of a car with gasoline costs an average of 15 euros more today than ten months ago.

For its part, the Assoutenti consumer association denounced what it considers “a new emergency in Italy” caused by “the non-renewal of the excise tax cut.”

This afternoon the Council of Ministers meets and, although this issue is not on the agenda, the media are advancing that it will be studied. EFE


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Italy seeks “irregular practices” behind the increase in fuel prices