Italy restarts: innovative startups grow, Lombardy, Lazio and Campania at the top | WSI extension

Lombardy, Lazio and Campania are confirmed as the top three Italian regions by number of innovative startups. Thus emerges from the new quarterly monitoring dedicated to demographic trends and the economic performance of innovative startups, thus confirming the liveliness of the sector also for this quarter.

The data updated to 30 September 2022 is the result of the collaboration between MIMIT (General Directorate for Industrial Policy, Innovation and SMEs), InfoCamere, Unioncamere and Mediocredito Centrale.

Innovative start-ups: the state of the art in Italy

In the third quarter of 2022 the trend, already recorded throughout the year, of growth of innovative startups in Italy. For the first time, in fact, they stand at 14,708 units, the highest number ever. The report also shows a strong increase in the average production value of innovative startups, equal to approximately 211 thousand euros (47 thousand euros more than in the second quarter).

The average assets also increased, amounting to just over 408 thousand euros, approximately +20 thousand euros, compared to the previous survey. There overall productionfinally, it amounts to 2,068,143,474 euros, a figure almost 700 million euros higher than that recorded at the end of the previous quarter (1,371,271,643 euros).

It’s still. The operations authorized towards innovative startups and effectively resulting in the granting of a financing there are a total of 14,043, for almost 2.4 billion euro financed and 1.9 billion euro guaranteed. In particular, in the last quarter innovative startups received new bank loans for around 53 million euro. At the same time, the number of startups receiving loans guaranteed by the Fund has grown by around 159 units.

Overall, considering that several companies have benefited from more than one guaranteed loan, in the third quarter of 2022 the FGPMI managed 306 transactions with innovative startups. Also for Innovative SMEs the positive trend continues. In the third quarter of 2022, loans of 1.9 billion euros were disbursed and the Guarantee Fund guaranteed over 1.5. In the same period there were more than 1,400 beneficiary companies, for an average loan value of over 328 thousand euros, while the average duration of the loan is approximately 51 months. Finally, in the third quarter of 2022 the operations managed by the FGPMI towards the certified incubators there are a total of 107 for a total potentially mobilized of almost 48 million euros. There are 96 operations provided to certified incubators.

Innovative startup: what it means

As the Mise recalls, the innovative startup it is a young company, with a high technological content, with strong growth potential and for this reason it represents one of the key points of Italian industrial policy.

An innovative startup is a joint-stock company, also set up in cooperative form, which meets the following objective requirements:

  • is a new company or established for no more than 5 years
  • has residence in Italy, or in another country of the European Economic Area but with a production site or branch in Italy
  • has an annual turnover of less than 5 million euros
  • it is not listed on a regulated market or on a multilateral trading platform
  • does not distribute and has not distributed profits
  • has as its exclusive or prevalent corporate purpose the development, production and marketing of a product or service with high technological value
  • it is not the result of a merger, demerger or transfer of a business unit

Finally, a startup is innovative if it complies at least 1 of the following 3 requirements subjective:

1. claims sweighs in R&D equal to at least 15% of the higher value between cost and total production value;

2. employs highly qualified personnel (at least 1/3 research doctorates, doctoral students or researchers, or at least 2/3 with a master’s degree);

3. is the owner, custodian or licensee of at least one patent or owner of a software registered.

If they meet the requirements established by law, they can access the status of innovative startup by self-certification signed by the legal representative and enjoy a series of discounts by registering in the special dedicated section of the Company Register at the Chamber of Commerce of your province.

Italy restarts: innovative startups grow, Lombardy, Lazio and Campania at the top | WSI extension