Italy and Poland declare war on the European Union and denounce the “dictatorship of the strongest”

In an interview with Italian media La Stampa and relayed by Politicothe Polish Prime Minister warns that Italy and Poland have undertaken to put an end to the dictates of the strong states of the European Union, in this case Germany and France, which decide everything as they see fit without consult others

Will the European Union last long? The question arises at a time when the Union, very weakened by the Coronavirus pandemic and the war in Ukraine, is going through a new crisis marked by a corruption scandal which risks, this time, completely tarnishing its image. And it is in this stormy context that two countries (Poland and Italy) decide to make their voices heard for a radical change in the functioning of an increasingly discredited Europe.

Indeed, in an interview with the Italian media La Stampa and relayed by Politico, Mateusz Morawiecki, Prime Minister of Poland, did not fail to denounce the European bureaucracy which, according to him, has become a plague that plagues the Union. During this interview, he made it clear that Italy and Poland “are fed up with the dictates of European bureaucracy”.

Denouncing a Union in the hands of strong States (France and Germany), the Polish Prime Minister does not mince his words. “Poles and Italians are fed up with the dictates of European bureaucracy and want real democracy. We want to revive Europe from its basic principles,” he said.

In the interview, the Polish head of government harshly attacked Germany, which has become the locomotive of the euro zone. “We are already paying a heavy price mainly because of the mistakes of German politicians. But, if Berlin had to decide everything, the price of gas would be higher,” he laments.

Speaking of the hegemony of the Franco-German couple who dictate their visions to the rest of the members, Mateusz Morawiecki warns: “either it is the rule of unanimity or otherwise it is the tyranny of the strongest”. As a reminder, the remarks of the Polish Prime Minister are made in a context of crisis marked by the war in Ukraine which has greatly weakened the EU.

Moreover, quite recently, it was revealed in the press that EU heavyweights accused the United States of having betrayed the European Union by enriching themselves from the war in Ukraine. At least this is the revelation made by the media this November 24. Indeed, according to this source, high personalities within the European Union accuse, behind the scenes, Joe Biden, President of the United States, of enriching himself from the war while Europe is on the verge of ‘implosion.

According to the source, one of the first causes of this European anger is due to the famous Inflation Reducation Act (IRA), these massive subsidies that the United States recently granted to companies present on their soil. An American decision that is shaking Europe, which is afraid to see hundreds of companies leaving the Old Continent to settle in the Land of Uncle Sam.

And this is not the only problem raised by the media. To believe Politico, senior European politicians cannot stomach the fact of having to buy American gas at a price 4 times more expensive than that which they bought from Putin’s Russia. If to this are added the expensive orders of American weapons by Europe (whose weapons stocks are almost empty), the equation becomes very difficult to solve.

Russia seems to have got it right. Indeed, at the end of last October, Sergey Lavrov, Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs, had nevertheless clearly revealed the American strategy, accusing Uncle Sam of seeking, through the war in Ukraine, to “deindustrialize Europe and flood it American weapons.

“More and more economists, not only in Russia but in the West, have come to the conclusion that the United States seeks to exhaust and deindustrialize the European economy,” he said. And to add: “the Germans are relocating a large part of their production chains to the United States with all the consequences that this implies for Europe. It is in Washington’s interest to weaken Europe militarily, to keep it on the alert, to flood Ukraine with weapons and to fill Europe’s military stockpiles with American weapons”.

For Lavrov, in this war between Ukraine and Russia, the Europeans are the biggest losers. “The Europeans suffer much more than the United States from the economic sanctions”, affirms the head of Russian diplomacy. It should be noted that Lavrov’s remarks were made less than three days after the exit of Viktor Orban, Hungarian Prime Minister (EU member country), who admitted quite recently that in this war against Russia, Europe has fallen in his own trap.

Italy and Poland declare war on the European Union and denounce the “dictatorship of the strongest” – The evening mail