Italian Cup, Rome

At the Olimpico the Giallorossi win thanks to a magic from the Argentine attacker in the second half

There Rome beats Genoa 1-0 in the eighths of Italian Cup and unplug the pass to the quarterfinalswhere he will face the winner of Naples-Cremonese. At the Olimpico in the first half the men’s Mourinho they play the match and collect corners, but the Giallorossi forcing is printed on the crossbar hit by Pilgrims. Then he enters the second half Dybala and Joya decides the match in the 64th minute by skipping half the rossoblù defense and beating Martinez of left.

After a last-gasp draw with Milan in the championship, Roma wet their season debut in the Italian Cup with a narrow victory and conquer the passage to the quarterfinals. Against a tough Genoa, but not very effective and bad in front of goal, at the Olimpico the giallorossi fielded technique, physicality and quality and hit the target thanks to a pearl from Dybala in the second half. A top player shot that breaks the balance in the most delicate moment of the match and inexorably directs the match giving the yellow and reds the passage of the round without extra time. A world champion shot that makes the difference and gives no way out for the Griffin, good at fighting and well placed in the field, but not very brave and dangerous.

Reworked in the starting eleven to save several starters, at the Olimpico Rome and Genoa start with the handbrake on and the start of the match is all about study. Taller and more aggressive on the bearers, it was Mourinho’s team that took possession with Matic and pushed with Zaniolo and Pellegrini. Deployed with a 3-5-2, Gilardino’s men instead make density to the limit, come out well from below and start again leaning on Coda and Yalcin. The first shot towards goal was Pellegrini’s, but his left foot was off target. Then Kumbulla heads high from a good position and Martinez saves the result from Abraham. Opportunities that trigger the Giallorossi forcing and crush Genoa. Under pressure, Roma increase the rounds, push and hit the crossbar with Pellegrini. On the other hand, Yalcin squandered a good counter-attack initiated by Sturaro and Sabelli in the Grifone’s only truly dangerous action and the first half ended with another wide header from Kumbulla following yet another Giallorossi corner.

The second half opens with Dybala entering the field in place of a bruised Pellegrini. A change that doesn’t change Roma’s tactical set-up or the inertia of the match. More aggressive, it is always Mourinho’s men who compete and attack head-on with many men. However, Genoa withstood the impact and the Giallorossi continued to collect only corners. Dybala tries to blow up the bank with a great play, but Martinez flies and the result doesn’t change. Then it’s up to Bove to try from the edge, but Badelj deflects his right foot for a corner kick. In push, Mou’s gang attacks with many men, but also lends itself to the rossoblù counterattack. And take risks. Fished deep by Galdames, Coda engages Rui Patricio on the counterattack. Danger that ignites Dybala. Grafted between the lines after the entrances of Strootman, Frendrup and Criscito, the Argentine swallows half the rossoblù defense and beats Martinez with a left-footed fireball. Goal that unlocks the match and scores the race. With the advantage, Mou covers himself with Celik and manages the match in the final by controlling the forcing of the Griffin. In Genoa the last one to give up is Aramu, but his attempts don’t scare Rui Patricio and Special One flies to the quarterfinals.

Dybala 7.5:
enters at the start of the second half and changes the match. He enchants the Olimpico with his magical left foot and decides the match showing the best of his repertoire. Two high school numbers and a goal are enough to reaffirm who he is
Matic 7: he is the brains of the team. He dictates the timing and geometry of the maneuver with precision, quality and personality. Everyone is looking for him and he is always ready
Zaniolo 5.5: he runs, elbows, argues and tries to break through using force, but that’s not enough. Dragusin and Czyborra are on him, make him nervous and manage to make him lose his lucidity. In the second half high tension also with Bani and yellow card
Kumbulla 5.5: this season he has played very little and it shows. He lacks pace, timing and intensity. Coda often anticipates or circumvents it. He has at least two good chances to score with a header, but misses the target
Yalcin 5: Ibanez gives him very little space, but when he has the chance to strike on the counterattack in the first half, he misses everything
Queue 6: physicality and technique in the strait. Few balls arrive from his side, but he always manages to defend them well
Sturaro 6: usual aggressiveness and substance in the median. As long as he holds up, together with Badelj and Galdames he blocks the Giallorossi midfield with grit and pressure
Martinez 6.5: attentive and responsive. in the first half he opposes Abraham, in the second half he flies on a great play by Dybala, on the second magic of Joya he can do nothing and surrenders

Rome (3-4-2-1):
Rui Patricio 6; Left-handed 7, Kumbulla 5.5, Ibanez 7; Zalewski 6 (30′ st Celik 6), Matic 7, Bove 6.5 (17′ st Cristante 6), El Shaarawy 5.5 (17′ st Spinazzola 5.5); Zaniolo 5.5 (41′ st Tahirovic sv), Pellegrini 6 (1′ st Dybala 7.5); Abraham 5.5.
Available: Boer, Svilar, Smalling, Vina, Camara, Volpato, Belotti, Shomurodov, Solbakken. All.: Mourinho 6.5
Genoa (3-5-2): Martinez 6.5; Vogliacco 6, Bani 6, Dragusin 6.5; Sabelli 5.5, Sturaro 6 (18′ st Frendrup 6), Badelj 6 (18′ st Strootman 6), Galdames 5.5 (30′ st Aramu 6), Czyborra 6 (18′ st Criscito 5.5); Yalcin 5, Coda 6 (30′ st Puscas sv).
Available: Semper, Agostino, Matturro, Gudmundsson, Jagiello, Ilsanker, Lipani. All.: Gilardino 5.5
Referee: Feliciani
Scorers: 19’st Dybala (R)
Ammonites: Bove, Zaniolo (R); Dragusin, Bani (G)

• Paulo Dybala has scored 11 goals for Genoa in all competitions, only at Udinese (12) has he scored more goals.
• Roma have progressed to the round of 16 of the Coppa Italia in four of their last five appearances at this stage of the tournament.
• Under José Mourinho in charge Roma have obtained 18 internal clean sheets in all competitions, no Serie A team has more in the period (Inter and Juventus also have 18).
• Counting all competitions, Roma are the Serie A team that has hit the most woodwork this season (17).
• Roma had 14 shots in the first half, considering all competitions they hadn’t attempted shots in the first half since last August (15 against Cremonese in Serie A).
• Roma have obtained four consecutive clean sheets against Genoa for the second time in all competitions (the first between 1939-1941).
• Genoa have been eliminated for the 15th consecutive time in the last 16 of the Coppa Italia, having last progressed from this stage in 1991/92.
• Domenico Criscito returned to Genoa 236 days after his last visit (against Bologna in Serie A).

Italian Cup, Rome-Genoa 1-0: Dybala takes Mourinho to the quarterfinals