‘In Valmalenco’, here is the first 4.0 valley in Italy

It was presented today at the multifunctional building in Spriana (Sondrio) ITI-Integrated Territorial Investment project ‘In Valmalenco’, for the smart and eco-sustainable development of the territorywhich involves four Municipalities of the Lombard valley (Chiesa in Valmalenco – leader, Caspoggio, Lanzada, Spriana), supported by Municipia SpA–Gruppo Engineering and CISA Srl, companies awarded the project financing of project management services over the next 7 years, under the aegis of the Lombardy Region for the signing of the AQST – Territorial Development Framework Agreement as a governance tool.

It is the first Italian ITI activated in the Alpine area and will see the Municipalities collaborate for local development from the point of view of infrastructure, economic, cultural, social and environmental attractiveness, cohesion and common identity, always in the name of sustainability. This will be possible thanks to interventions based on the real needs of the territory and on the wishes of the Administrations with regard to sustainable mobility, energy transition, regeneration and sustainable development, territorial identity and digitalisation.

During the event, the Project Company (SdP) ‘In Valmalenco’ was also presented, set up by CISA Srl and Municipia SpA, which will be capitalized and equipped with the founding characteristics of a B Corp structured to manage the project throughout its span period to then define the gradual transition to public capital, thus generating an advanced and efficient form of “Territorial Agency”.

“As soon as we were explained what an ITI was, we took up the challenge with enthusiasm, immediately realizing how much this tool constitutes an approach to development capable of unlocking the unexploited potential of a territory. We have, therefore, designated an integrated territorial development strategy, starting from a solid analysis of the existing problems and criticalities but also from the strengths that characterize our valley. In light of this, we have created a package of initiatives, which can still be implemented, which go beyond the boundaries of the individual municipality and aim to build a target area understood as a functional area, capable of sustainable investments over time, generators of income and resources, through financing of various kinds but also through the signing of agreements involving all public and private actors. We believe that the ability to plan the implementation, to define resources and implementation times, also through governance arrangements to manage the ITI, is the great advantage of this tool compared to traditional systems and we are confident that we will achieve the goal of become the first Valley 4.0 in Italy” said the mayor Renata Petrella (Church in Valmalenco, leader).

For Municipalities, especially those of small-medium size, networking is essential, sharing needs and designing integrated solutions in the name of innovation for the sustainable, energy and social development of the area, giving life to a real smart land capable of attracting investments, creating jobs and giving a future to new generations. However, the right tools, skills and technological solutions are needed. For this reason, the use of tools such as ITI, project financing and the support of private individuals become crucial. ‘In Valmalenco’ thus becomes a point of reference and a model to follow in Italy and not only to generate positive impacts on the territory with long-lasting effects” he underlined Frediano Checchinato, president of the Board of Directors of the SdP ‘In Valmalenco’ (Municipia SpA).

“ITI is an extraordinary tool for public administrations that want to revitalize their territories. We immediately saw the potential of this area and also the problems. The ‘In Valmalenco’ project aims at etransforming the concept of mountains through the strengthening of digital infrastructures, tools and services for a territory; sustainable and integrated mobility; urban and functional regeneration for the repopulation of territories; enhancement of traditional local, entrepreneurial, cultural and environmental resources. The goal is therefore to make Valmalenco the first 4.0 valley in Italy”, he concluded Fabio Viganò, director of the Board of Directors of the SdP ‘In Valmalenco’ (CISA Srl).

‘In Valmalenco’, here is the first 4.0 valley in Italy