Hurricane Danielle towards Europe, what are the consequences for Italy?

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Satellite photo in a hurricane
Hurricane Danielle heads towards the European coasts.

The meteorological situation in the Mediterranean area and in Italy begins to be influenced by most fresh Atlantic currents which reach northern Italy triggering dangerous thunderstorms associated with hail and strong gusts of wind, while in the South the North African anticyclone does not give up and the summer continues in a great way. Let’s try to understand together the evolution for the next few days in Italy.

There is something new: it is the hurricane Danielle expected over Europe

The weather forecast for the next few days sees a continuing struggle between North African anticyclone and Atlantic perturbed impulses sent by a deep depression centered now in the vicinity of Ireland. In the North and on part of the Center there will be storms in the coming days, while the summer continues in the South.

The impact ofHurricane Danielle on the western coasts of Europe is planned for half of next weekthe consequences on our country are still very uncertain, the formation of a depression linked to this hurricane in the third decade of September which could lead to bad weather over Italybut all this is yet to be confirmed.

Weather forecast until 9 September: thunderstorms in the North, summer in the South

An upcoming worsening of weather conditions: thunderstorms of strong intensity are already underway in the areas north of the Po: the most intense will hit Piedmont and Lombardy and during the next night a phase of bad weather could affect the city of Milan and the surrounding provinces with possible difficulties linked to large quantities of rain expected, a quieter situation in the Center and in the South, where the Sirocco will cause a new temperature rise with peak of heat between tomorrow Thursday 8 And Friday 9 Septemberwhen theAfrican anticyclone will spread up to protecting all the regions of southern Sardinia and central Italy.

Severe thunderstorms they will hit the Northern regions, in particular the transit of a disturbance linked to the cyclone positioned over Ireland will cause heavy rains in the areas north of the Po in transit from west to east: Friday 9 September the bad weather will focus on Triveneto, Emilia and eastern sectors of Lombardy with risk of hail, strong gusts of wind and risk of lightning floods.

Weekend weather forecast: sunny and abnormal heat

The weather forecast for Saturday 10 September see a morning characterized by good weather over most of the country, in particular the temperatures will remain well above the average for the period with a situation of abnormal heat: 28 ° C expected a Turin26 ° C a Milan31 ° C a Rome31 ° C a Cagliari32 ° C a Catania.

Only greater cloud cover should be noted, alternating with bright spells on Triveneto, the Emilian plain and Tuscany, where the possible formation of isolated showers of rain.

Sunday 11th September we will find the best time in the North-West, on Emilia and the central-southern Tyrrhenian coasts, where the sun will prevail and we will have temperatures well above averageeven 10 ° C.

Triveneto and regions of the middle Adriatic side will see greater cloud cover with the risk of some thunderstorm more likely on the Veneto and Friuli foothills, while the Adriatic side will be affected by winds from Grecale and Tramontana which they will lower temperatures by a few degrees and they could lash the Apennines with threatening clouds with associates isolated showers.

Trend from Monday 12 September: high pressure with abnormal heat

The weather forecast for the first days of the new week will feature a strongly anomalous situation for our country with temperatures that locally could reach 30 ° C even in some areas of the North, it will be very hot in the Center and in the South with a value almost everywhere above 30 ° C on Tyrrhenian sectors and major islands.

Today’s forecasting models promise good weather in the Center-South and on the plains of the Northat least until Wednesday 14 September it will in fact be theAfrican anticyclone to reign supreme, as happened for most of this summer 2022.

Starting from Thursday 15 September a change in weather conditions is expected, a probable unstable phase for the northern regions that will have little influence on the temperatures that will confirm this positive thermal anomaly throughout our country.
The consequences of hurricane Danielle in Italy will arrive the following week, with the possible formation of a cyclone secondary in the Mediterranean area, but everything remains to be confirmed.

Hurricane Danielle towards Europe, what are the consequences for Italy?