How many types of pension exist in Italy and who can have them

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How many types of pensions exist in Italy and who can have them? Here is the complete list and recipients (find out the latest news then read on Telegram all the news on pensions and social security. Receive the latest updates on bonuses, work and personal finance on your mobile every day: enter the whatsapp groupin the Telegram group It is in the Facebook group. You write on Instagram all your questions. Watch free bonus video guides on Youtube channel. To continue reading the article from your mobile, tap on «Keep reading» after the image below).


How many types of pensions exist in Italy? Table

How many types of pensions exist in Italy? Between old age pension, early retirement, disability pensionsthose privileged and the survivor’s pensions and ai survivorswithout forgetting the supplementary pensions and complementarylet’s count at least 6 macro-categorieswhich in turn develop into others subsections.

Here’s one table which summarizes how many types of pension exist in Italy:

Old age pension Old-age pension and contributory old-age pension
early retirement Ordinary early pension, Women’s option, Quota 103, Quota 102, Ape Sociale, Quota 41 early, pension for strenuous work, early contributory pension
Pensions for survivors Survivor’s pension, indirect pension and death grant
Welfare pensions Civil invalidity pension, for the blind, for the deaf and dumb, accompanying allowance (without contributions); disability pension, ordinary disability allowance (with contributions); citizenship pension and social allowance
Preferred pensions It is up to the public employee who has become incapacitated due to pathologies deriving from work-related causes
Supplementary and complementary pension Supplementary pension (paid to the pensioner who accrues contributions in another management), supplementary pension (annuities accrued in supplementary funds)
How many types of pensions exist in Italy?

There are the social security pensionsi.e. disbursed thanks to the payment of contributionswhich are distinguished in old age pensions and early retirement and those of welfare typelike them disability pensionsto the blind and ai deaf and dumb or like the citizen’s pension and the social allowance.

To these are added the survivors’ pensionswhich are distinguished in survivor’s pensionpaid to the surviving family members of the deceased pensioner, and in indirect pensionpaid by INPS to the surviving family members of the insured worker.

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To finish with the privileged pensionthat treatment of an economic nature which is due to the incapacitated civil servant for work-related illnesses. And with the supplementary pensions and complementarywhich supplement the amount of the allowance accrued by the male and female worker.

In the next paragraphs we will go into the detail of the article, listing you how many types of pensions exist in Italy and who is entitled to them.

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How many types of pensions exist in Italy? Old age pensions

The first pensions we talk about are the old age pensions. The main one belongs to the fulfillment of the 67 years old with at least 20 years of contributions.

If all contributions have been paid since 1 January 1996to retire you will need to have accrued a check that is at least 1.5 times the amount of the social allowanceupdated in 2023.

In addition to the classic old-age pension, there is the contributory old-age pensionaccessible only to age 71with at least 5 years of contributions paidall since 1 January 1996.

How many types of pensions exist in Italy? Early pensions

The old age pensions are added early retirement. Currently in force there are several, starting with ordinary early retirement which can be accessed with 42 years and 10 months of contributions (men) and with 41 years and 10 months of contributions (women), regardless of age.

From 1 January 2023, if the next one passes budget lawwill come into force 103 sharewhich allows you to leave the world of work with 62 years of age and 41 of contributions. The new size will replace Odds 102which will still be accessible, throughout 2023, to those who meet the necessary requirements by 31 December 2022: 64 years of age and 38 of contributions.

We then Option Womanthat from 1 January 2023 could be modified as regards the personal data requirement (from 58-59 to 60 for all), with 35 years of contributions paid.

There are also formulas dedicated to so-called fragile categorieslike caregivers (if they have been assisting a spouse or a family member within the second degree with serious disability for at least 6 months), unemployed, disabled with at least 74% reduction in working capacity and workers employed in heavy duties.

For them it is possible to access theSocial Beewith 63 years of age and a seniority of contributions from 30 to 36 years old (only for the burdensome, with the exception of construction workers for whom 32 is enough) ea Quota 41 for early workers (41 years of contributions, one of which paid before the age of 19).

It is also in force pension for strenuous workaccessible to those who carry out a particularly tiring job, at night, with a minimum of 61 years and 7 months of age and 35 contributions.

For the pure contributions there is the contributory early retirement: you can retire at 64 years of age and 20 of contributions, provided that these are paid in full from 1 January 1996 and that the allowance accrued is equal to 2.8 times the amount of the social allowance.

How many types of pensions exist in Italy? Welfare pensions

Social security pensions are associated with those of welfare type. We find the disability pensiongranted to disabled civilians at 100% e the monthly assistance allowance, for the partially disabled between 74% and 99% disability. More the full or partial pensions for the blindthe boarding house for the deaf-mute and carer’s allowance which belongs to the total invalids who are not self-sufficient.

They require compliance with the contribution requirement there disability pensionrecognized when the absolute and permanent impossibility of working is ascertained, e ordinary disability allowancewhen more than two thirds (66%) of physical or mental infirmity is present.

In this case it is necessary to accrue to obtain the two benefits at least 5 years of contributions and 3 years in the last five years.

The economic benefits of a welfare type are also part of the citizen’s pension and the social allowancewhich is paid to those who have reached the age of 67, have no income or have low income (in this case the reduced amount is due based on the declared income), and has no contributions paid to be able to retire.

How many types of pensions exist in Italy?

How many types of pensions exist in Italy? Pensions for survivors

So let’s move on to survivors’ pensionswhich are distinguished in survivor’s pension and indirect pension.

There survivor’s pension it belongs, in different percentages, to the family members of the deceased pensioner: the spouse, the children or, in their absence, the parents, brothers and sisters and grandchildren can use it.

There indirect pensionon the other hand, it is always due in different percentages to the family members of the deceased insured worker, provided that the latter paid a minimum of 780 weekly contributions or 260 weekly contributions, of which at least 156 in the 5 years before his death.

If the insured worker has not reached the contribution limit, the family members are entitled to it a one-time indemnity (delivered once), call death benefit.

How many types of pensions exist in Italy? Supplementary and complementary pensions

Finally, we also have the supplementary pensions and the supplementary pensions. Supplementary pensions are economic benefits paid to the pensioner who requests it, when he accrues credited contributions in a management different from the one in which he became a pensioner, when the “basic” contribution is not sufficient to ensure the right to a pension. The supplementary pension is also due to surviving family members.

There supplementary pensionon the other hand, allows the pensioner to enjoy a “parallel” allowance accrued over the years thanks to payments made into a special fund. When the worker retires, the accrued sum will be paid to the pensioner in the form of a monthly annuity or in a lump sum.

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How many types of pension exist in Italy and who can have them