Holidays in Italy turn out badly for a Belgian group: “I was told that if I didn’t speak Italian, you shouldn’t come to Italy”

A Neapolitan media gave the information. HZ, the Brussels lawyer who was the main victim of the facts, agreed to testify. As we speak to her, she and her four friends are back in Bologna. The lawyer is still in shock. “The Sorrento hospital report mentions facial injuries and head trauma. I am currently under Dafalgan, the time to return to Belgium in order to carry out additional examinations there. The incapacity for work is 7 days but I cannot decently resume my professional activities at this stage”, she specifies. They put four stitches on him.

“Break away, Marrochino”

Tuesday, she and her friends decide to stop in the fishing village of Positano. A beautiful and very touristy place.

“It was 1:40 p.m. and we had planned to stay there for an hour, before continuing towards the Amalfi Coast. We parked our car in a paid car park, the Mandara. When we returned, my friend held out the ticket to pay the sum of €10. We were waiting a few feet from the counter when one of the employees started yelling at me in Italian, threateningly approaching my face, as well as that of my friend. Not understanding Italian, I asked him to address me calmly and politely in English. I was told that if I didn’t speak Italian, you shouldn’t come to Italy”.

Frightened, the three men and two women step back, waiting for their vehicle parked one floor below. “When he finally arrived a few minutes later, another employee came out of his shop, charging at me and my friends, yelling in Italian. We were so terrified that my friends had to intervene. My friend speaking a few words of Italian asked the person to speak calmly and explained that we were leaving the place”.

Insults were then hurled at them, including a “Break up, Marocchino”. “I learned that for Italians it meant: ‘dirty African, dirty nigger’. I am of Chinese origin but born in Belgium. My friends are Belgians of Tunisian-Moroccan origin and my friend is of Italian-Moroccan origin. One is a lawyer, the other an architect… Panicked, we returned to our vehicle, my friend taking the driver’s seat”. The scene experienced was particularly traumatic because the parking lot employees, more than a dozen people, waited for his friends, at least the three men, to get into the vehicle to surround the vehicle, block them and immobilize them. , before attacking the driver, stuck in the car. He received several punches in the face.

As for the lawyer, who had not yet gotten into the vehicle, she tried to help her friend. “The attacker then punched me hard in the face. I collapsed to the ground in the shock of the pain, almost losing consciousness. My glasses had waltzed off and I then put my hand to my face to see that the blood was flowing.

A friend was beaten.
A friend was beaten. -DR
Four stitches for the lawyer.
Four stitches for the lawyer. -DR

The Belgian friends call 112. The police arrive… 40 minutes later. They obviously know the owners of the parking lot well. Later, down in the village with the Belgians, they will refuse to register their complaint. “They told us that it was not forbidden to strike in Italy, advising us to conclude an arrangement with the owners of the parking lot”.

Which they refuse, of course. “The complaint was filed with the public prosecutor at the Ordinary Court of Salerno on July 27. We want justice to be done”.

Massimiliano Alosco, their lawyer confirms everything. “I am embarrassed that we can do this to tourists at home. It’s a shame, ”confesses the man from his workplace in Pompei.

Holidays in Italy turn out badly for a Belgian group: “I was told that if I didn’t speak Italian, you shouldn’t come to Italy”