Grand premiere of the Giro d’Italia Ride Like a Pro Spain in Tenerife

ANDhe first chapter of the Giro d’Italia Ride Like A Pro Spain concluded successfully after the towns of Adeje and Arona received a peloton that completed two demanding stages of 110 and 67 kilometers respectively, full of unbeatable landscapes, impossible ramps and almost 4,500 meters of unevenness between the two days, to which the partial ascent of Mount Teide contributed.

With the fundamental support of Turismo de Tenerife and the Italian institutional brand BEIt, this new cycle tour was incorporated into the calendar with the firm purpose of establishing itself as one of the unavoidable dates for any bicycle lover. And so it has been after more than 700 participants, of 11 different nationalities (including the United States), have tasted the geographical riches, the pleasant climate and the multiple tourist options that the Island offers.

Tenerife and the unavoidable link with cycling The organization, carried out by Unidad Editorial Sports&Events, ensured that the experience of all those registered was as close as possible to that experienced by professionals in the Giro d’Italia, although in a unprecedented and unique environment like Tenerife. Both on the route and in the moments before and after the race, to the point of being able to admire and photograph the majestic Senza Fine trophy, an award that is given each year to the champion of the pink corsa, or regain strength in the unique Pasta Party of the two stages, with a clear influence of Italian gastronomy.

The complementary activities to the march were completed on Saturday with an innovative Pink Party attended by several of those registered, which took place on the rooftop of the MYND hotel in Adeje, sponsor of the event. To all this we must add the presence of great elite runners, who acted as ambassadors of the event, pedaling alongside the large peloton in Tenerife. This was the case of Stefano Garzelli, winner of the Giro 2000; Juanpe López (Trek-Segaredo), this year’s best young player and wearer of the coveted leader’s pink jersey for 10 days; o Ral García Pierna (Kern Pharma Team), current Spanish time trial champion.

They were joined by representatives of Victory Endurance, the official supplier of the march, all members of the Caja Rural-Seguros RGA team: Jonathan Lastra, Fernando Barcel, David Gonzlez and Sergio Román Martín. The acts of the test had the representation and support of the Island Council thanks to the appearance of Laura Castro, director of Tourism of Tenerife, who was in charge of executing the protocol cutting the ribbon. Along with her were Franco Morelli, general director of Unidad Editorial Sports&Events, and Pascual Momparler, technical director of the Giro d’Italia Ride Like A Pro Spain.

Laura Castro (Director of Turismo de Tenerife): “This type of event allows us to continue positioning Tenerife as a diverse destination for practicing outdoor sports, especially for cycling. Every year we receive teams and professionals from all over the world who They choose the destination to train due to the good weather conditions throughout the year and the orography of the island territory”. “From the Cabildo we have opted for the reception of this sporting event with the purpose that it can be consolidated over time, making the island a reference destination in the calendar for bicycle lovers.” Franco Morelli (general director of Unidad Editorial Sports&Events): “From the organization, we are excited about how the first edition of the Giro d’Italia Ride Like a Pro Spain has developed. We want to highlight the great reception and acceptance of the island of Tenerife during the three days that we have been there, so we can’t wait to continue with this project and continue to feed this link that has been generated.

In this sense, we thank the Island Council, through Turismo de Tenerife; to the town councils of Adeje and Arona, to all the sponsors and to the Canarian Cycling Federation, as well as the Insular Cycling Federation of Tenerife. We have not forgotten the security forces, the Civil Guard and the Police, who have ensured that the race went perfectly”. “On the other hand, it has been very gratifying to see how many participants have been able to discover incredible settings on the Island under the Giro d’Italia mark. In fact, we have spoken directly with most of the runners to find out their opinion, write down the details and improve for future editions”.

Stefano Garzelli (Giro d’Italia 2000 champion and Ride Like A Pro ambassador): “Tenerife is a destination that never ceases to surprise you. In my professional stage, I went with some regularity to focus on my big goals for the season and Even so, every time I come I discover something new. And this weekend has not been an exception thanks to a spectacular route and event. I think it is very symbolic that a brand like the Giro d’Italia lands on this island, with all that this entails for cycling and fans of this sport”. Juanpe Lpez (Trek-Segafredo cyclist and Ride Like A Pro ambassador): “This is the first time I visited Tenerife and I was amazed by the great variety of training areas that the island offers. For a climber like me, it is It is a luxury to have so many contrasts in so few kilometers. As for the march, it has been a very positive debut, with a demanding, although enjoyable route. I want to thank you for all the expressions of affection that I have received over the weekend for part of the fans.

Ral García Pierna (Kern Pharma cyclist and Ride Like A Pro ambassador): “It has been a very entertaining event, with an incredible climate that you can only find in Tenerife at this time of the year. It is a destination that I love. I have I had a great time with all the people who have been in the march, with my platoon mates and with the great atmosphere that has been breathed in Adeje and Arona”.


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Grand premiere of the Giro d’Italia Ride Like a Pro Spain in Tenerife