Giorgia Meloni is optimistic about the permanence of her coalition in power: “A horizon of five years”

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni highlighted today the “totally positive climate” within the right-wing coalition that supports it and that it remains united with “a horizon of five years” in power.

He also assured that the birth rate It is “an absolute priority” of his governmentwhich has allocated 1,500 million euros in its Budgets.

In his first and extensive press conference at the end of the year, of more than three hours, the far-right leader addressed the “incomprehensible” Ukrainian war, the “unacceptable” repression in Iranthe covid “under control” in Italy or the need to “go to the end” in the ‘Qatargate’ scandal that threatens the credibility of Europe, among other issues.

On the stability of his Government, supported by the leaders of the far-right League, of Matteo Salviniand the conservative Forza Italia, from Silvio Berlusconi, the first woman to come to power in Italy, explained that she “trusts her allies”, with whom she has “a common vision” despite the different “nuances”.

“We all have a 5-year horizon” because “Italy has paid dearly for its political instability” and the government majority “is aware of this,” he said.

Questioned about the Italian Social Movement, the heir party of the Fascism in which she and other high-ranking officials of her government participated in the past, defended “her role” in the transition and in Italian republican history.

The birth rate, “to which we have allocated 1,500 million euros globally, is an absolute priority” because “our welfare system cannot continue in the medium term” without an increasesaid Meloni, who considered it a “political choice”, such as support for “youth and the family” in the Budgets approved today in the Senate.

He also referred to the covid, assuring that in Italy “until now the incidence is low” and that “the situation is under control”, after since yesterday passengers from China must present a negative test“a measure that will not be effective if it is not taken at the European level” for which reason it has asked the EU to act in this regard.

With the new cases coming in from China, “the solution is the controls”: “The tests and the masks will be useful, the deprivations of liberty known in the past are not necessary. We have seen it in China, we must work on the responsibility of citizens,” he explained.

With respect to “catargate“, said that it is “fundamental to see the response of the European institutions”, while criticized that “some international colleagues refer to this as ‘italian job’, the Italian jobas if it were a stain on our nation”, as if it were “the great corrupt”, when in reality “it affects a political family”, he said in reference to social democracy, and “with responsibilities that are quite transversal between nations”.

Also pledged to maintain military spending commitment with NATO because “the freedom of nations has a cost” and defined as “unacceptable” the repression in Iran, whose ambassador in Italy was summoned yesterday by the head of diplomacy, Antonio Tajani, to urge him to end the executions.

Meloni, who was “impressed” to see Iranian chess champion compete without veil in KazakhstanHe added that if death sentences against innocents continue, he would change Italy’s attitude through consultations “with international allies.”

Asked about how she intends to rebuild relations with Russia, after her unconditional support for Ukraine, He said that Russian citizens should not be confused with their authorities.

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In any case, Italy “has proposed to be the guarantor of an eventual peace agreement”an initiative in which we must continue working, said Meloni, who will travel to kyiv before the first anniversary of the invasion, on February 24.

“It is essential to maintain support for Ukraine, if you want two parties to argue, the base condition is the balance between the forces in the field”.

Giorgia Meloni is optimistic about the permanence of her coalition in power: “A horizon of five years”