Gasgas, 2,000 new charging stations per day in Italy

The targeted choice of points of interest where to install the columns dedicated to recharging electric vehicles has always been the strong point of Gasgas. To the point that, in order to build a charging network that really met the needs and desires of its users, the scale-up gave life to the first Italian community born around the revolution of electric mobility.

Today this intuition, which has guided Gasgas since the early stage startup phase, has become a strategic asset for growth. «We are witnessing a real gold rush to conquer the best places to install charging stations – comments in a note Alessandro Vigilanti, CEO of Gasgas -. All the managers and operators in the sector literally compete to win the most suitable places to put their recharging points (PdR). Just think that in Italy around 2000 columns are installed every quarter, an average of 22 columns a day. We at Gasgas started early and are making use of this important advantage».

In the near future, when electric cars will be much more widespread than now, the columns of the different operators will be next to each other. But the company that today manages to position itself in a strategic place of interest has the concrete opportunity to retain e-driverswhich will most likely continue to get their supplies from you even with the proliferation of the offer.

Gasgas and market data

With over 2 million euros raised in one year, also thanks to the two brilliant equity crowdfunding campaigns on the platform CrowdFundMe, the Gasgas team didn’t stop for a second and the company launched at full speed towards the expansion of its network and services. Till today there are over 380 charging points in the portfolio, of which more than 30% have already been installed. 14 Italian regions already served, especially in the centre-north. The goal is to reach 1,500 charging points by 2025.

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According to the latest report by Motus-E (the Italian association that includes industrial operators, the automotive supply chain and stakeholders in the world of electric mobility) the total fleet of BEV and PHEV cars in circulation in Italy is equal to over 320,770 vehicleswhile there are 32,776 charging points, located in 13,225 locations and organized into 16,700 stations (where one or more recharging points can coexist). 75% is located on public land (roadside), the remaining 25% on private land for public use: here are the famous points of interest such as restaurants, supermarkets or shopping centres. This recent photograph, which uses data collected from July to September 2022, shows a growth in public access points located on private land (+2%).

Compared to the June report there was an increase of 2,072 top-up points in 3 months. It has been since the spring of 2022 that the growth of columns has stood at over 2,000 points installed per quarter, and if we compare the data with September 2021, the growth is +7,982.

Fast for those in a hurry, standard for those who want to enjoy their time

According to Motus-E’s report, high-power points also increase: almost half (45%) of the over 2,000 charging points installed in the last quarter are, in fact, DC charging points. Gasgas is ready to follow the technological evolution of the sector. In the Gasgas network, in fact, there are the classic standard AC stations, as well as the more innovative high-power DC ones. The former allow you to recharge in one or two hours and are perfect for those places of interest where the motorist wants to stop to eat, play sports or shop. The latter are designed for parking areas and all other places where the waiting time must be shorter. In this case it takes 20 minutes to recharge.

And speaking of points of interest, among the latest Gasgas installations there is a new column at the Esso service station in Serravalle Scrivia near the motorway exit with an adjoining refreshment point, near the shopping Mecca.

Six other charging stations will be installed in these days in the municipality of Mondovì (CN).


Gasgas, 2,000 new charging stations per day in Italy