France makes history by standing on the podium in San Juan

Huge World Cup for France. By definition of the Bronze medal, France rises to 3rd place in the Roller Hockey World Championship, by agonizingly defeating Italy 3-2 in penalty spot shots, after tying in regular time and in extra time by 5 to 5.

Italians and French reissued in this same edition of the WSG, the game they played at the end of group A and that was tied 4 to 4. They meet again, and although in the group match no differences were made, in this one of the two will get on the podium with a bronze medal.

Italy strikes first opening the scoring. An overflow from the right by Andrea Malagoli (N°6), who enables the center of the French area when he notices the entry of Francisco Ipinazar (N°2) and he connects an unattainable shot for Baptiste Bonneau and the 1 to 0 was present in favor of the azurros.

France replied almost immediately. It took only 51 seconds for Roberto Di Benedetto (No. 6) to look to the left of his attack and unleash a terrible cross ball that nailed it to Riccardo Gnata’s goal. 1 to 1 and this was just beginning.

Parity in the match was again broken by Italy. Davide Gavioli crosses the area diagonally from left to right, raises his head and passes the ball to Davide Banini (No. 8) and he puts in a dry and powerful shot to reopen the match. Italy scores 2-1 at 12’02” of the first half.

France begins to appeal to its best weapon: the external bochazo. The great physical size and strength of the Di Benedetto brothers allowed it, and in fact, Bruno (No. 3), is the one who hits a ball down the left sector to beat the azure goalkeeper again. Deja vu, another tie, 2 to 2, that’s how the first half of this close match ended.

The start of the second half brought an early goal from France. Blue card for Davide Gavioli and Carlo Di Benedetto who masterfully executes the direct free kick to beat Gnata from Buenos Aires and make it 3-2 for the Gauls, just 2’42” into the second 25 minutes of play.

Italy goes back on the attack and about four minutes later a player falls into the French zone. Penalty is immediately sanctioned. The sanctioned action punishes the infraction of Mathieu Le Roux (N°7) on Davide Banini and in addition to the penalty, the French player received a blue card. France did not manage to play with three players, since the execution of Andrea Malagoli, was a goal and the tie returned to Cantoni with a 3 to 3.

The fourth French goal came from Roberto Di Benedetto at 18:32”. Almost immediately Italy tied again. Davide Banini at 19’56” puts the tie 4 to 4, giving the feeling that there is no possibility of getting two goals apart, a situation that would be ratified at the end of the match.

Italy at 22’23” manages to return to the front of the match scoring the fifth goal through Davide Gavioli. With the game almost over, with less than a minute to play, France brings out its goalkeeper and Antoine Le Berre (N°8) enters to look for an all-or-nothing tie. The Gauls seek in numerical superiority the saving goal, which comes through a shot by Roberto Di Benedetto, taking advantage of the volley given by the goalkeeper, his brother Bruno touches the ball and six seconds from the end he puts the 5 to 5. Agonizing tie, but heroic too, forcing the extension in extra time.

The ten minutes of extra time did not bring too many alternatives or changes, only the emotion of a couple of final shots by Roberto Di Benedetto in the last seconds and that Gnata was in charge of rejecting. The parity or it was broken and the penalties arrived.

North arch for the sentence. France in the first turn. Parity was given until the last execution. Roberto and Carlo Di Benedetto had already scored for France and Federico Ambrosio and Davide Malagoli for Italy. Last shot from the penalty spot for France, and Anthony Da Costa converts the 3 to 2 and throws all the pressure on his rival. Alessandro Verona prepares and shoots, the Gallic goalkeeper steps forward and the execution is repeated. He shoots again and again Baptiste Bonneau becomes a hero, as in the definition against Spain in the quarterfinals. France won on penalties and gets on the podium.

France wins the Bronze medal and Italy a new frustration Great World Cup for the Gauls that consecrated the team and its figures, the goalkeeper Baptiste Bonneau and the Di Benedetto brothers. It is the best result achieved in the history of French roller hockey, as the men’s seniors have never achieved a podium. They warned at the WSG in Barcelona 2019 by finishing in 4th place. Pay attention to Italy 2014, this team has a future.

Summary: FRANCE 5 (3) – ITALY 5 (2)

First time
0 – 1: 6´14” – Francisco Ipinazar (ITA)
1 – 1: 7´03” – Roberto Di Benedetto (FRA)
2 – 1: 12´02” – Davide Banini (ITA)
2 – 2: 19´08” – Bruno Di Benedetto (FRA)

Second time
3 – 3: 2´42” – Carlo Di Benedetto (FRA)
4 – 3: 6´52” – Andrea Malagoli (ITA)
4 – 4: 19´56” – Davide Banini (ITA)
5 – 4: 22´23” – Davide Gavioli (ITA)
5 – 5: 24´54” – Bruno Di Benedetto (FRA)

Penalties of France
1) Rémi Herman –Stick and outside
2) Roberto Di Benedetto – Goal
3) Antoine Le Berre – Saved
4) Carlo Di Benedetto – Goal
5) Anthony Da Costa – Goal

Italy penalties
1) Federico Ambrosio – Goal
2) Elia Cinquini – Saved
3) Andrea Malagoli – Goal
4) Francesco Compagno – Diverted
5) Alessandro Verona – Saved

France makes history by standing on the podium in San Juan