Forza Italia: “win again in Piedmont”. But Cirio still keeps himself buttoned up

The governor teases Piedmontese pride at the Azzurri conference with ministers Pichetto and Zangrillo. “We were considered on the edge of the empire, today we are protagonists on a national level”. Not a word about his renomination in 2024

The imperative is “to win the elections again”, repeating the success it has brought Albert Cirio to the presidency of the Region. Come on Italya little less than three months before the political polls, consoles himself for the meager result achieved last September 25 by flaunting the two ministries won like a trophy and, above all, hoping that in 2024, when the Piedmont will renew its government, may it still be in the game. There are many unknowns, starting with the not at all obvious estate of a meager party with bare-bones consensus and led by a handful of courtiers clinging to Methuselah of Arcore. Net of the changed relations within the coalition, destined to produce increasingly intense fibrillation as we approach the expiry of the legislature, for the center-right much will depend on the fate of Cirio.

In fact, it is not indifferent whether the outgoing governor will run, bringing the notoriety and appreciation gained in these almost five years of office, or an inevitably less known candidate and the result of division on national tables. At the moment all the scenarios are plausible and, moreover, Cirio himself seems not at all taken by the fret of dissolving the reservations. And not just for tactical reasons, since he has no interest in giving ground to his opponents, let alone potential competitors. In Roman circles they say he is testing the ground “at the highest levels” to probe the chances not so much of obtaining a candidacy for the Europeans (which will, barring unlikely surprises from the fall of the Qatargate, coincide with the regional vote) as of a designation by the Meloni government to European commissioner, perhaps with responsibility for agriculture. In this picture the chatter about an imminent change of tunic is resumed, complete with a flame on the collar. Maybe.

Meanwhile, at the mercy of these billows, Forza Italia is trying to show signs of life. “We continue to work for our Piedmont” is the title of the conference organized this morning in Carmagnola by the blue group of Palazzo Lascaris, led by Paul Ruzzolaother berluscones which is rumored to be preparing to cast off. An opportunity, at least in intentions, to instill a little confidence among the troops of activists and local administrators who are, to say the least, discouraged. “We were considered on the edge of the empire, today we are protagonists on a national level – Cirio tried to titillate patriotic pride -. In such a delicate moment working together is essential. With this meeting we want to tell the mayors, of any colour, that we are here. The Region is there, the ministers and the institutions are there and they can help”.

AND dumse da fe it was to some extent the fil rouge of the speeches of the two ministers. “This meeting means being in contact with the local area”, underlined the owner of the Environment Gilbert Pichettowhile the colleague to the Public Administration Paul Zangrillo, who is still the Piedmontese coordinator of the party, said he was “happy” with the presence of numerous local administrators. “It means that we sowed well and we reaped him – he concluded -. This is a reason for satisfaction, but also for responsibility, which we take on with determination. Because being ministers means being one for all of Italy, but with Piedmont always in the heart”. Suma bin ciapà.

Forza Italia: “win again in Piedmont”. But Cirio still keeps himself buttoned up