Forza Italia increasingly ‘family matter’: money from Cav’s children to save the accounts

Forza Italia is increasingly a ‘family matter’. When the founder Silvio Berlusconi does not think about it personally (since 2014 it has paid out almost 100 million euros out of its own pocket), there are his companies or his family to save the party’s accounts. Sifting through ‘the list of contributions’ received by the blue movement in 2022 and made public on the basis of the so-called sweeping corrupt law, the offering of 50 thousand euros paid on 2 August last by the ‘Fininvest spa investment finance company’ stands out with based in Rome, in Largo del Nazareno. Just two months earlier, on June 14, the Biscione had donated the same amount, confirming itself as the main ‘forced lender’. Also Fininvest, a year ago, on 11 February, had written a check for 100 thousand euros; ditto in 2020, on February 3, and another 100 thousand euros in 2019, on July 15. For a total, to date, of 400 thousand euros.

This year, for the first time all together, the five sons of the Cav arrived to the rescue of Fi’s finances with 100 thousand euros each: the eldest daughter Marina, Pier Silvio, Eleonora and Luigi made their payment on August 16th, while Barbara made her ‘donation’ on the 22nd, again in the same month. This time Paolo, the brother of the former prime minister, was missing, but he did not miss his contribution in the past: 100 thousand euros on May 8, 2019 plus the granting of a pledge in securities of 4 million euros, as certified by the financial statements closed on 31 December of the same year. To be precise, Luigi, the smallest of the ‘brood’, had already contributed 100,000 euros to the cause on 21 September last year.

Cards in hand, only in 2022, the Berlusconi family has come to pay a total of 500 thousand euros. A real treasure, in times of lean post abolition of public funding for parties, but above all a plastic representation of how much the Cavaliere’s children (who remained, in fact, the sole owner of his political creature) now have within the started, starting with the management of the coffers. Launched in ’94, Fi traveled at ‘double figures’ for about twenty years and then underwent the ‘overtaking’ before the League, in 2018, and that of Fratelli d’Italia, 4 years later, up to the current 8 for one hundred reached by the latest policies thanks to the umpteenth ‘descent into the field’ by Berlusconi.

According to the latest financial statements, closed on 31 December 2021, Fi has slightly improved accounts but still in the red, with a deficit of 340 thousand 490 euros and is indebted to ‘other lenders’, or ‘the only lender-master’ who created it 28 years ago, the former prime minister, for over 92 million euros. All guaranteed through personal sureties.

The unresolved problem of defaulters also weighs heavily on finances, they sayor of all those deputies, senators and regional councilors, who do not regularly pay the dues due (900 euros per month), a a real hard-to-eat fish that resulted in a ‘cash hole’ of at least 2 million eurosgiven that one in three MPs would not pay the arrears.

In particular, we still read in the report, among the contributions ‘received from legal persons’ is once again the investment finance company Fininvest spa with 100 thousand eurosin the memorandum accounts “guarantees (pledges, mortgages) to / from third parties” are “shown” an amount of 7 million euros relating to the pledge in securities of 3 million issued by President Berlusconi in previous years “and “to further pledges in securities for 4 million euros issued” by his brother Paolo “against the credit lines granted by a bank to the Movement”.

Forza Italia increasingly ‘family matter’: money from Cav’s children to save the accounts