Forza Italia in “crisis”, economic aid comes from the Berlusconi

The results of the last elections on 25 September 2022 were certainly not what the party expected, but once again Force Italy manages to be on the side of the winners, with the center-right coalition that has won success by leading Giorgia Meloni to become the first female prime minister in the history of the Italian Republic. But for another year Silvio Berlusconi’s party accuses important economic losses, with the accounts in the red that certainly do not make the Cavaliere sleep peacefully.

After putting on the plate alone, from 2014 to today, almost 100 million euros to support the party, this year Silvio Berlusconi was also able to count on the help of his family who ran to the rescue to save the accounts of Forza Italia.

The Berlusconi “save” Forza Italia

In the list of contributions received in 2022 by Forza Italia, there are in fact several items attributable to the Berlusconi galaxy, starting from a payment of 50,000 euros dating back to 2 August and donated by the “Fininvest spa investment finance company” based in Rome, in Largo del Nazareno. Similar payment only two months earlier, on June 14th. The payments, made known due to the sweeping law, also include prominent names who, as mentioned, bear the surname Berlusconi.

The sons of the Knightfor the first time all together, they have indeed donated € 100,000 each to the blues. The first to put their hand to the wallet were the eldest daughter Marina, Pier Silvio, Eleonora and Luigi who made their payment on August 16th, while Barbara made her donation on the 22nd. For Luigi, the youngest of the Cavaliere’s children , it is then the second payment of 100,000 euros in the space of a year, as last September he had paid the same amount for the party led by his father. On the other hand, Paolo Berlusconi, brother of the former prime minister, who in the past has paid many times into the coffers of FI, is missing from the usual appeal.

Cards in hand, therefore, only in 2022 did the Berlusconi family come to pay a total of 500,000 eurosa real treasure trove, in times of lean post abolition of public funding for parties (here we talked about the majority in the Meloni government without Forza Italia).

Forza Italia, the accounts are in the red

Despite the aid that arrives every year, however, the coffers of Forza Italia certainly cannot smile. According to the latest financial statements, closed on 31 December 2021, FI shows a slight improvement compared to 2020, but always in red with a deficit of 340,490 euros. The party, according to what emerges, is indebted to ‘other financiers’, or the only creditor-master who created it 28 years ago, the former premier, for over 92 million euros which were guaranteed through personal guarantees (here we have talked to you about the Berlusconi-Putin case).

To weigh heavily on the party’s finances in the red there is also the problem of defaulters, that is of all those deputies, senators and regional councilors, who do not regularly pay the dues due, about 900 euros per month. Estimates say that Forza Italia has suffered a cash gap of at least 2 million euros from these missed payments.

Forza Italia in “crisis”, economic aid comes from the Berlusconi