Forza Italia deposits the proposal to review the abuse of office

ROME – Forza Italia in the Chamber presents a bill for reform the abuse of office. The crime, on which the mayors and local administrators have been asking for a change to the law for some time, is one of the issues on the agenda of the majority and the Government. Even the Minister of Justice, Carlo Nordio, has already said that he will meet with Parliament to understand how to review the crime.

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The text deposited in the House brings signed by Roberto Pella, Alessandro Cattaneo and Pietro Pittalis. Basically, only the crime is committed “knowingly” and with “direct damage” to someone being punishable. Announcing the filing of the proposal is Pella, the first signatory and group leader of the Budget Commission for Forza Italia, who explains: “Together with the group leader in the Chamber Cattaneo and the Vice-President of the Justice Commission Pittalis, we have filed the proposal aimed at reforming the issue of ex officio, which follows the proposal of my colleague Rossello, in line with the openings made by Minister Nordio and in particular by the Deputy Minister of Forza Italia Sixtus during the meeting with Anci, in which I took part as Deputy Vice-President of the Association, and during the presentation of the guidelines for the legislature in a hearing in Parliament”.


“During the discussion with the Chambers, among others, Minister Nordio – explains Pella – highlighted that only 3 percent of convictions emerge from the data relating to abuse of office, while statistics indicate 5,400 proceedings in 2021, concluded with 9 convictions before the investigating judge and 18 in the hearing. A theme that causes paralysis and slowdown of the Public Administration, to the point of discouraging even the candidacies of mayors in the municipalities. The changes introduced pursue the objective of reducing the criminal relevance and of limit the crime by specifying that this must occur ‘knowingly’ and causing ‘directly’ unjust damage to othersthis in order to reduce the useless effects of the crime in its current formula, specifying that it must exist actual direct damage, aimed at a single person“.


Roberto Pella concludes: “We appreciate the opening of the Ministry which said it was available to start the legislative process as a matter of urgency to reform, once and for all, a regulatory distortion that compromises the full and free operation of the mayors, who have been waiting for its modification for too long and who, in fact, are expressing their full support for the Forza Italia initiative these days “.

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Forza Italia deposits the proposal to review the abuse of office