Forza Italia, Antonio Tajani: «Brunetta and Gelmini? They resign as parliamentarians and ministers, we are the center, the League does not command “

“We haven’t pulled any plugs. If anything, we have consistently maintained a position that we had expressed since the beginning of the crisis ». Antonio Tajani is not there to pass the center-right as the architect of Mario Draghi’s resignation.

Honorable Antonio Tajani, coordinator of Forza Italia and vice-president of the European People’s Party, the premier resigned his mandate after your senators (and those of the Lega) left Palazzo Madama without voting for confidence. Why send Draghi home?
“We didn’t do it. From the day the premier went to resign, Forza Italia has held a consistent position: forward with the Draghi government without the 5 Star Movement. It was the grillini who broke the pact of national unity at the base of the executive. And we could no longer trust them. This is what we repeated in the Chamber. And it is what President Berlusconi had explained shortly before by telephone to both President Draghi and President Sergio Mattarella ».

So for you the responsibility of the premier’s farewell is to be borne only by the pentastellati?
“It was the Cinquestelle who broke that pact. Not us, who have renewed our trust in Draghi 55 times. We were ready to move forward: we had already prepared our plan of measures to combat Covid to be delivered to the premier. Instead, the Democratic Party has done everything to go ahead with the Cinquestelle, perhaps not to give up their idea of ​​the wide field ».

Did the dem also play a role in deciding the end game, in your opinion?
«They presented a resolution with Pierferdinando Casini, evidently to create problems and try to keep the grillini inside. Our position has matured accordingly. It is not that if Brutus tries to assassinate Caesar and fails, when Caesar is safe we ​​invite Brutus back to the Senate … ».

They say that Berlusconi was convinced by Salvini …
«I have known Silvio Berlusconi for 40 years. And I find it very hard to believe that he is being persuaded by someone else. In this crisis, Berlusconi has always been consistent, as has Forza Italia and the entire center-right of the government ”.

They also say that the premier was too hard on the parties in his speech. How do you think?
“We caught the positive parts of his words. In particular, the reference to a new trust agreement. Pact that we would have been ready to sign ».

The decision to break with Draghi produced a half earthquake in Forza Italia: party colonels like Mariastella Gelmini and Renato Brunetta left. Do you fear other goodbyes?
“I’m never afraid of exits. Those who leave a party that allowed them to make a great political career are usually doomed to disappear. And then the day I decide to leave, it would seem logical to me to leave my seat in parliament as well. Because if I was elected thanks to a force that nominated me, I find it right to give the floor back to the voters ”.

So Gelmini and Brunetta should resign? Even by the government?
“I think so . They should leave all the offices obtained thanks to their presence in Forza Italia. Or at least that’s what I’d do. “

How do you explain the farewell of two very loyal and convinced Berlusconians of the first hour?
“You have to ask them why they made their decisions. In these hours I have been worried about something else ».

How will you explain to the EPP that Forza Italia contributed to the resignation of the Draghi government?
“It is not so. The president of the EPP, Manfred Weber, has already declared that Italy needs a center-right government. And that he hopes that Forza Italia will go to the executive. They understood very well whose responsibility for Draghi’s fall is ».

Let’s move on to the elections. Will Giorgia Meloni be the leader of the center-right?
“In the meantime, the electoral campaign must be carried out and the project to govern the Italy of the coalition must be defined: reduction of the tax burden, flat tax. We’ll see. No foreclosure on our part. But first you have to win. For now, let’s focus on this: it’s not a race to get there first ».

And the single-member colleges, how will you divide them? Based on the polls?
«It is still early to define the details, there will be operational meetings. But yes, we will follow the method we have always followed. Also based on the polls ».

Aren’t you afraid that the coalition is judged to be too biased on the right, rather than in the center?
«The center is Forza Italia. A growing party, with a leader named Silvio Berlusconi. A name that is synonymous with seriousness and prestige in Europe and in the world, should anyone harbor any fears ».
If you were to bet, who would you bet on as the next prime minister?
“I’m a superstitious type. Meanwhile, let’s play to win the game. Then we will see, who will take the cup in hand … ».


Forza Italia, Antonio Tajani: «Brunetta and Gelmini? They resign as parliamentarians and ministers, we are the center, the League does not command ”