For a week Italy will invite its gastronomy

Message from Raúl Garáfulic, president of Página Siete

Dear reader friend:

I am writing to thank you for choosing Página Siete, which has made us one of the most influential media outlets in the country.

On this occasion, I need to ask for your support, by hiring a subscription to Página Siete Digital. The evolution towards a digital subscription business model is a trend among the most important newspapers in the world.

For a cost close to $us 5 per month, subscribers will receive access to premium content from our portal, such as the digital printed newspaper (ePaper), various thematic newsletters, podcasts, more than 12 years of archive digital (newspaper library), and other special products.

While our service to you is substantial in keeping you well-informed, more importantly you will help preserve freedom of expression by allowing us to achieve the financial balance that all independent journalism needs.

During the last three years, the income of the country’s newspapers has fallen dramatically. First, due to the pandemic, which affected the sale of print newspapers, and then, due to the drop in advertising, caused by the current economic crisis.

In our case, the situation was further complicated by the permanent harassment to which the Government subjected us, through aggressive audits and fines from various State institutions, which, of course, do not apply to our competitors.

There was also direct pressure against some clients, such as the one that came from that official who, with unfounded arguments, “suggested” to some advertisers that they not publish on Página Siete, which, by the way, is illegal.

Additionally, we receive frequent verbal attacks and/or threats from leaders of the ruling party, such as Evo Morales, Juan Ramón Quintana, the State Attorney General, and even judicial operators, such as the former president of the Judicial Council and others.

To close the gap between income and expenses, we count on the professionalism, creativity and work capacity of our committed team of professionals, but we also need your support.

Defending freedom of expression is a good cause because it will allow us to continue monitoring the powers of the State, controlled almost entirely by the same party, to achieve a fairer Bolivia.

Our purpose is to reach 10,000 subscribers, with the support of those who value our work. The objective is reasonable, considering that Página Siete has two million unique readers per month, according to Google Analytics, of which 75% are distributed throughout the country and 25% are Bolivians residing abroad.

Subscribing to Página Siete Digital is easy with our new “online” system, which accepts payments by QR, credit/debit cards and others, you just have to click on the button at the end of this note and follow the instructions.

Your support can make a difference, thank you very much.

Raul Garafulic Lehm
President of Page Seven

For a week Italy will invite its gastronomy