Fear in Spain for what is happening with gasoline in Italy

The gasoline price and diesel is what drivers have been most concerned about for months. The geopolitical crisis that Europe is experiencing has already led us to pay exorbitant prices throughout the past year. And now that the help for the price of fuel has ended, the situation is very different. In Spain fear is growing around fuel prices, so It is already happening in Italy. There they are again suffering what we already went through here, and that is that in some regions of the country they are already paying more than two euros per liter of refueled fuel.

The automotive sector has been having a hard time for many reasons. The sales figures do not stop falling year after year, the semiconductor crisis has meant that there is no stock of new vehicles and has catapulted prices, and even second-hand cars have gone up in price for the same reason. All of this has come together with the energy crisis that Europe lives, for geopolitical reasons, and the gasoline price it has also skyrocketed throughout the year. Right now it is true that it is not as high as it was just a couple of months ago, and especially during the summer, but it is still closer to two euros per liter than one euro per liter, and that is undoubtedly a atypical situation and that affects not only drivers. In fact, a good part of the economic problems that affect Spaniards today, and Europeans in general, is indirectly related to the sharp rise in fuel prices. But is that news comes from Italy that are beginning to generate some fear.

Spain fears what will happen in Italy, where the price of fuel is already exorbitant

In some regions of Italy the fuel price has already started go up quickly again, and they are being paid more than two euros per liter of refueled fuel. From Codacons, the largest consumer association in Italy, the president Carlo Renzi has already pointed out that ‘Gas prices seem to be out of control’ and although there has been a reduction in excise duties since the beginning of the year, the country is ‘attending to strong rises in the charts prices at the pumps of the whole territory. And the president of the association assures that the magnitude of this increase does not seem at all justified by the evolution of the oil prices.

This association has already filed a complaint ‘before 104 prosecutors from all over Italy and before the Finance Guard’ with the purpose that Check the prices of gasoline and diesel to find out if any kind of speculation is taking place or if an unjustified price increase is taking place. Cases have been recorded in which gasoline has been sold to 2,392 euros / liter and the diesel something more expensive still, to 2,479 euro per liter of fuel refueled. In other places, although the prices are noticeably lower, the fuel is equally exorbitant.

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And these news coming from Italy are beginning to raise concern in Spainbecause it would not be the first time in recent months that we see how fuel prices rise in neighboring European countries and, a short time later, it happens here too. In Spain, for the moment, prices seem to have stabilized punctually around 1.61 euros / liter in the case of gasoline and €1.67 / liter in the case of diesel. Indeed, much lower prices, but in any case surprisingly tall relative to their typical prices.

At this time, and without the fuel price support that has been in place for the past year, the gasoline price future it is quite uncertain. At least as long as geopolitical conflicts continue, we will continue to pay much higher prices usual. If these international problems were to end, then perhaps we would start to see a noticeable drop in the price of fuel.

Fear in Spain for what is happening with gasoline in Italy