Farewell to cell phones in class in Italy

On December 20, Italy joined other European countries where they prohibit the use of mobiles in class, at recess and throughout the school grounds. With this, the Italian Ministry of Education intends to eliminate the telephone in young people, since they consider it an element of distraction.

No to cell phones in class: the new regulation of the Italian Ministry of Education

The use of technological and digital devices is in high demand among the entire population, but especially among the youngest, something that can cause a problem in their day-to-day life, as well as in their level of training and studies.

For this reason, some European countries decided to establish a strict rule to eliminate the mobiles in class. The last one has been Italy, who on December 20 announced its prohibition in schools and institutes.

The Italian Ministry of Education ensured the prohibition of using cell phones in class, since it is an element of distraction for themselves and others, as well as a lack of respect for teachers.

According to reports from the Italian Executive, the continuous use of mobile phones in the classrooms of institutes and schools would affect “the loss of the ability to concentrate, memory, critical spirit, adaptability and dialectical capacity”.

Despite this new regulation, the Italian country also contemplates some exceptions, for example, the use of mobile and electronic devices with the authorization of the teacher himself.

Teachers are divided before the decision of the Ministry

Despite the fact that many families consider it the right decision for their children’s education, teachers have been divided by the Italian government’s decision to ban mobiles in class. Thus, many insist that it is not considered a scandal, since teachers should not use the device in class either.

Thus, many others insist on educating families when deciding whether to bring the mobile device to school or not.

Although there are no penalties for this new rule, The Ministry of Education calls on educational centers to promote this new idea and strict regulations to achieve educational responsibility and decent education away from mobile phones.

With this, the ministry insists that using the mobiles in class it can have physical and psychological complications for minors, for example, depression, aggression, insomnia, dissatisfaction, addiction or irritability.

Why children should not use mobile phones in educational classrooms

The debate of whether to use the mobiles in class Whether or not it is harmful to minors, health and education experts reveal some negative aspects that could be related to this peculiar action on a day-to-day basis.

If we talk from the point of view of school performance, it should be noted that this can be a rather serious problem, but there are also other reasons that worry both parents and teachers. From the children’s guide they list the following:

  1. It generates consumerism.
  2. It is a lack of discipline in class.
  3. It causes a lack of concentration in the classroom.
  4. It becomes a status symbol that hurts students.
  5. It induces a sedentary lifestyle and other health problems.
  6. It encourages cyberbullying.

However, there is another large part of society that affirms that new technologies are a great advance for the education of minors. And you, what do you think about it?

Farewell to cell phones in class in Italy