ESET invests in Italy: an all

Managing IT security internally, especially in the case of small and medium-sized businesses, is not easy or cheap. The cybersecurity landscape is in fact increasingly complex and if years ago a handful of IT experts capable of choosing and configuring protections for servers and endpoints could be enough, today many more resources are needed. People who can always keep an eye on the infrastructure, check an incredible amount of alerts and prioritize the really important ones.

Certainly automating these processes helps, but the complexity remains. For this reason, many companies decide to delegate support, advice and response to attacks to external entities, which are often the same companies that provide cybersecurity platforms. According to an analysis by ESET, this happens in 75% of medium/large companies. For this reason ESET has decided to launch a Managed Detection & Response service in Italy too, to which it has dedicated an entire team that operates throughout the country.

ESET Detection & Response Ultimate: ESET’s MDR service arrives in Italy

ESET has had a direct presence in Italy for three years and expects a turnover of 16 million euros for 2022, against 13 in the previous year. From a single employee in 2019, we quickly grew to the current 35. The solution that made the company known is the NOD32 endpoint protection solution, which leverages deep learning algorithms, but the company also creates more advanced security solutions, dedicated to the corporate world.

The rapid growth of the business in Italy has prompted ESET to further invest in the Bel Paese, and the company has announced the opening of a new SOC (Security Operation Center) in Italy: in practice, companies can delegate all security management. The reference market for these services is that of companies with at least 250 workstations.

We are talking about a group of cybersecurity specialists active 24/7, made up of Italian experts, who support customers by responding quickly to cyber incidents, so as to guarantee business continuity. According to the company, it is a team characterized by a high level of specialization, whose members have been selected among the best cybersecurity experts operating in Italy in the security monitoring services sector.

The service is available in various ways. The most complete one is defined ESET Detection & Response Ultimate. The team leverages the XDR platform ESET Inspect, which provides visibility into the entire network infrastructure, and offers support for threat detection and response to any cyber incidents. These include alert triage, file analysis, incident response, digital forensics, threat monitoring, and periodic proactive threat hunting.

Customers can also opt for streamlined versions of the MDR service, which are cheaper: ESET Detection & Response Essential and ESET Detection & Response Advanced. The latter does not include Threat Monitoring and Threat Hunting services, while Essential users will also have to waive the initial optimization of the platform and assistance for responding to digital forensic incidents.

Fabio Buccigrossi, Country Manager of ESET Italy

We are proud to be able to make the best Italian engineers available to customers and partners to provide the most advanced security services”. comment Fabio Buccigrossi, Country Manager of ESET Italy. “These professional figures have always stood out in the world for their excellence and this is once again underlined by the expertise of the team that operates directly from the Italian branch of ESET. Few Security vendors invest in competence centers based in Italy, due to high personnel costs, but our intention is to aim high. We will provide 24/7 services in Italian by integrating them with those of our resellers to offer the best data protection to our customers. Thanks to the new MDR services we are now able to support the more than 2,000 retailers operating in the area in an ever more complete way as if we were an additional business unit, developing the collaboration and partnership relationship that binds us even more profitably”.

ESET invests in Italy: an all-Italian team dedicated to Managed Detection and Response