Energy: improve the energy performance of properties in Italy

The energy performance of the national building stock is improved. This is what emerges from the photograph taken in Annual report on the energy certification of buildings realized by Aeneas And Italian Energy and Environment Thermotechnical Committee (Cti) based on almost 1.3 million energy performance certificates (Bee). The report, now in its third edition, highlights for 2021 a slight increase in energy performance certificates (Ape) relating to the best energy classes (from A1 to A4) and the resumption of the positive trend observed in the four-year period 2016-2019, which was discontinued in 2020.

The overview of the energy certification drawn by the report is based on data provided by autonomous regions and provinces and present on the information system on energy performance certificates (Siape)with particular attention to energy performance certificates (Ape) issued in 2021. Of the approximately 1.3 million Ape analyzed, 75% relate to buildings built before 1991 and just over 3% refer to new buildings, almost 4 % to energy redevelopments and less than 2.5% to major renovations.

Among the novelties of this edition the preparation of a questionnaire dedicated to energy certifiersspread thanks to the support of regions, autonomous provinces and professional associations: over 6,500 technicians have expressed their point of view on various aspects of the national energy certification system, with a view to improving the Ape, making the advantages that it entails clearer for consumers and achieve greater homogeneity of energy certification at national level.

Among the most important actions is the launch of a constant monitoring of the procedures for checking the quality of the Ape carried out by regions and autonomous provinces through the mandatory verification of the sample of 2% of the certificates entered in the regional systems on an annual basis, provided for by the inter-ministerial decree of 26 June 2015.

There is also a growing interest in the report on the part of the most active segments of the market which are believed to be increasingly taking note of how the efforts made in defining the methodology for calculating the performance of buildings, at the base of which is the Uni -Cti, are really translating into a general improvement in the energy performance of buildings, for the benefit of the whole country system.

“The results of the report show the further strengthening of the collaboration between Enea, CTI, regions and autonomous provinces – underlines the president of Enea, Gilberto Dialuce – This is in order to encourage the increase in the effectiveness and potential of the Ape, also in relation to the need to obtain a more complete image of the national panorama offered by Siape, whose data will be integrated into the new National Portal of Energy Performance of Buildings (Pnpe2) recently launched by Mite and Enea and intended to carry out an information and assistance function for citizens, businesses and the public administration ”.

“It is positive to see how the efforts made to prepare and update the methodology for calculating the energy performance of buildings, largely defined by the standards developed by the CTI, is bearing fruit – underlines the president of the Cti, Cesare Boffa – This is a joint effort, carried out together with Enea, the Public Administration and operators, the positive results of which are highlighted by the 2022 Report “.

Energy: improve the energy performance of properties in Italy