Elle Decor Italia’s 2023 horoscope sign by sign

Astron, Astron, that is, without light, not bright, hidden, dark. Astrology is a science of the dark, which probes through the light. Light of the Sun and of the stars, of all those luminous bodies that give shape to the sky. Form that is not only physical but above all symbolic, full of meanings and keeper of myths that are a fundamental bridge between heaven and life on Earth, between the conscious and the unconscious, between dreams and words, between light and the dark indeed. Many architectural works are oriented according to the light, from cromlechs to pyramids, passing through cathedrals, museums and homes. “Light” is often defined as a natural architect, a fundamental element for the perception of space, sometimes studied for its purely functional aspects, others instead for its evocative power, source of heat, life and image of the divine.

Shedding light on 2023, from an astrological point of viewmeans investigating the planetary positions that characterize it, such as the entry of Saturn into Pisces in March, the passage of Jupiter into Taurus in May and, last but not least, the epochal change of sign of Pluto which after more than 15 years will pass from Capricorn to Aquarius, to mark a change of color that will gradually become more evident and will concern all aspects of our life, in its social-cultural manifestations as well as in the individual and, of course, architectural ones.

“This is my favorite procedure: first think of the building as if it were a mass of shadow and only later, as in an excavation process, put the lights, let the light filter into the darkness.” Peter Zumthor

Horoscope 2023: Aries

That intuition that accompanies the first months of the year is not a mistake. It feels more like an enlightenment and the definition of a new path to take. There are very few of you who have yet to dialogue with the darkness (born April 18 and 20). For everyone else, 2023 presents itself as an open field that does not welcome the usual proud, hard and solitary battles, but is only waiting to be warmed and nourished by your warm, free and forward-directed energy, without banging your head against any obstacle. . An overwhelming energy, which in the summer can also be transformed into burning, vibrant, not at all innocent passion.

Carla DiBenedetto

Horoscope 2023: Taurus

Winter sweeps away the long square of Saturn which for many of you has been synonymous with sacrifice, expectation, concern and, in the most virtuous cases, inner digging. The atmosphere is lighter, it’s as gentle as the beam of light that enters the window without jolting you awake. The sight is clearer, the heart is safer. From Pluto to Jupiter, there is a host of planets to support, enrich, sweeten, caress, eroticize, revolutionize, inspire and make the new year extremely enjoyable. This sky has a light that does not need any adjustment, which will adapt to your moods, including the apparently more nervous summer ones, but not for this reason worrying.

horoscope 2023 taurus

Carla DiBenedetto

Horoscope 2023: Gemini

For those born in May, the best light is the alchemists’ lantern, to be held in one hand while making your way through the hedges, shrubs and the more or less logical interweaving of the self with the other. It is a light that can lead to truth, to that identity which too often feels fragmented, directionless and therefore blocked. Unlike the fog that pours into the minds of those born in the third decade, which can be split, yes, as long as the headlights work. Summer, or rather the months from June to October, promise to be the most flamboyant, sparkling and engaging, a real breath of fresh air that takes away all forms of boredom.

horoscope 2023 twins

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Horoscope 2023: Cancer

It’s no longer the haze of recent days, it’s no longer the darkness of recent years, it’s no longer the darkness of prolonged absences, everything smells like a new dawn. The arc of light on the horizon draws lips that you would like to kiss, but you don’t need to dream, they are there waiting. Waiting for you to regain trust, for you to pronounce those words that have always radiated emotions to the world, for their fragile and powerful sincerity, for their being illuminated directly from the heart, for their poetic color that paints a smile even on the hardest rock .

horoscope 2023 cancer

Carla DiBenedetto

Horoscope 2023: Leo

There are those who have tried to turn it off, and have found themselves faced with stoic resistance, a battle cry, an invincible fury. There are those who have tried to change its color, to blur it, to make it dark, gray and serious, and in response they have been blinded by the living flame that shines even more strongly in your eyes. No one dares attack yours lumens, not even that Jupiter that will test your trust, or that Uranus that will want to catch you off guard. The meters can jump, the cables fray, the light bulbs loosen like feelings, ideas can get confused, but your Sun, in the most sincere light of him, will find the way to make himself even more shining.

horoscope 2023 leo

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Horoscope 2023: Virgo

Each path to enlightenment involves slow, silent, and simple steps. Small daily rituals, gestures and words that are repeated, always the same. You are certainly masters of daily routine and sacrifice, which sometimes loses its meaning and becomes a source of stress or an instrument of maniacal control. The opposition of Saturn, active for those born in August, will serve precisely to rediscover the meaning of every habit and to eliminate the superfluous. The situation for the second and third decans is decidedly different, pushed by the happy wind of Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto, ready to land on new professional and sentimental territories, under full sail with satisfaction.

horoscope 2023 virgo

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Horoscope 2023: Libra

The sky on the horizon is clear, very clear. It embraces all shades of blue and doesn’t get dirty with the white of airplanes. It has the clear light of a clean and light mind, almost totally free from guilt feelings. It has the dark light of a deep soul, which has come to terms with its shadowy areas, with the unspeakable and animalistic. It has the sparkling light of a heart full of hope, or perhaps already of a certainty that it just needs to take a step, perhaps on the threshold of summer, kissed by a magical Venus for moments that will taste like infinity.

horoscope 2023 libra

Carla DiBenedetto

Horoscope 2023: Scorpio

You enter the stage when the curtain falls. If it gets dark and the spotlights are turned off, if the play of lights disorients and leaves the view at the mercy of an illusion, if the body gets tired and the eyelids droop, here you are in full shape, sharp, powerful, majestic. But what happens if the lights stay on? What happens to your mystery if the truth declares itself at every instant? Where does the thought go if the thumb that presses the switch isn’t yours? While those born in the first decan hold the helm with saturnine wisdom and firmness, those born in November should get ready to accustom their sight, words and actions to the permanent light of a disorienting Sun.

horoscope 2023 scorpio

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Horoscope 2023: Sagittarius

It would be enough to see clearly enough to be able to choose, among the thousand paths you currently travel, the one that lights up in the dark and leads straight to the emergency exit. Immersed and sometimes forced into too much that feeds on your energy, which weakens your hair and generates poorly calibrated electrical impulses, the new year presents the inevitable theme of a dutiful choice for those born in November and keeps in suspense, in a fog that does not clear, many of the third decade. You can take advantage of the summer wind, which will remove some clouds from the sky and restore a clear perspective to the eyes and a clear, sincere and loving vision to the mind.

horoscope 2023 sagittarius

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Horoscope 2023: Capricorn

In all this generating, accumulating, chasing and wasting, you do not want to take part. If you do something it is out of necessity, not out of abundance. If you say a word it is to clarify, not to flood the audience with your ego. If you kiss it is out of passion, not out of habit. The excellent transits of 2023 protect you from excessive materialistic deviations and keep you connected to the light source that gives meaning and direction to your actions, increasingly enriched and unhindered by a flourishing sensitivity.

“Modern architecture, abstractly stereometric, destroys any sensitivity for structure and decomposition… We have created nothingness around things.” Carlo Scarpa.

horoscope 2023 capricorn

Carla DiBenedetto

Horoscope 2023: Aquarius

You suddenly appear like a rainbow, you have its colors, shades, authority and smile. No guarantees of permanence, no claims to sharpness. Whole, double, you are the drawing of a limit and the symbol of its overcoming, you are the surprise that makes you raise your head. Being indifferent to it is practically impossible. There are few appearances in the new year, with Uranus and Jupiter who are very busy on a practical/work level and an opposition from Venus who would like more indigo in the heart. The winter months work better, with Mars, Jupiter and Saturn ready to favor important alliances.

horoscope 2023 aquarius

Carla DiBenedetto

Horoscope 2023: Pisces

Net of a few nervous moments, due to the insistent squaring of Mars, we arrive at 2023 with a good focus and clear images of the present and the future, both for this and for the other worlds you inhabit. For the second and third decans, the new year promises important revolutions, achievements and personal and professional achievements, together with the possibility of adhering to that fatalistic desire for escapism that you often silence with hyper-control neuroses. For those born in February, the conjunction of Saturn is a light that makes its way inside, in the shapeless shadow areas that appear as dark masses, very powerful black holes of the unconscious with which to dialogue openly.

horoscope 2023 pisces

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Elle Decor Italia’s 2023 horoscope sign by sign