Ecosistema Formazione Italia is born to design the future of training together

Networking, connecting all the players in the sector who, in various capacities, operate pursuing the same goal: an efficient and effective training system, to generate mutual value and thus design the future of training together. An innovative, farsighted, young and concrete vision, which aims to overcome obstacles and divisions often dictated by individuals. The ecosystem is aimed at those who provide training (institutions and trainers), those who need training (companies and organizations) and those who provide their services to support training (professional firms, marketing agencies, institutions and freelancers).

The activity

In an uncertain and turbulent context like the one in which we live, Ecosistema Formazione Italia (EFI) connects trainers, professionals, companies and institutions, providing them with a dynamic and innovative context where they can collaborate, create synergies and update themselves. EFI is open to all those, experts and enthusiasts, who support and work in the world of education. Born from the experience of Wyblo and from the numerous community and ecosystem activities of the co-founders, Kevin Giorgis, Stefano Marchese and Madeleine Prothero, EFI takes up the challenge of supporting the education industry by offering an open, inclusive and free space where you can register. as an individual or as an organization and with different levels of involvement (member, ambassador, contributor, partner, sponsor).

Concrete goals

Despite being born in July, EFI already seems to have very concrete objectives and proposals, including: the creation of valuable connections through events and periodic moments of sharing; the provision of practical tools and materials useful for seizing opportunities such as tenders, accreditations and funds; the desire to create culture with respect to key topics for the career of a professional, for the world of work and for the development of the country system (digitalization and digital skills, soft skills and leadership, processes, methodologies and more). “EFI – comments Kevin Giorgis, co-founder and CEO of Wyblo, creator together with Stefano Marchese and Madeleine Prothero – is a place where you can be connected with the other players in the training system, bringing together supply and demand, analyzing needs and problems, in the belief that even in the world of education there is a need to overcome parochialism to create together a better system, in step with the times, from which everyone can benefit from it. The Ecosystem is committed to creating valuable connections, organizing events online and in person, creating accurate accessible lists of materials and lists, sharing projects and services, and promoting the visibility of its members ».

The affirmation

EFI has almost a hundred members and is gaining a certain resonance also in sector fairs, including Tech Jobs Fair (of which an edition was held in an immersive 3D environment last 16 and 17 September and will have two appointments in Pisa and Genoa in October), Expo Training (in Milan on 12 and 13 October) and Learning More (in Modena from 14 to 16 October). For these two events, the EFI team with its partners will actively participate with an exhibition stand and some moments of discussion and interactive workshops. Other activities planned for the next few months include information meetings, webinars open to all, free workshops for network members, online events and soon also in presence, as well as materials and tools aimed at updating and growing all members. . The Ecosystem is an innovative, open and inclusive context where each individual can make a difference and make their own contribution. For organizations it is an opportunity to create partnerships and make sustainable an initiative of great value for the system, both from a business and a social point of view. Access to EFI is via an application form, a system necessary to guarantee the level and standard of quality and to deepen the knowledge and experience of each member. The ecosystem is open to all people and organizations determined to improve the education sector, i.e. professional trainers, employees of training organizations, managers of training and HR departments, freelance trainers, agencies, studios and training enthusiasts. Info: or

Ecosistema Formazione Italia is born to design the future of training together