Dybala leads and Roma will play Coppa Italia quarterfinals

A goal from the Argentine Paulo Dybala It was enough for the Roma of the Portuguese José Mourinho to beat a solid Genoa, which resisted the attacks of the ‘Loba’, and reach the quarterfinals of the Coppa Italia, in which they could meet Napoli.

The brand new world champion of Rome had to appear to undo the wrong in the Olympic. The game was dominated by Roma from the start, but it is clear that without the ‘Jewel’, Roma is less Roma.

It is curious how in such a short time this communion has been created between the footballer and his coach, who praises his new star whenever he can, and also with the public, who acclaim him at the level of the captain, Lorenzo Pellegrini, precisely for which entered at halftime.

Genoa tried by all means to endure the downpour of occasions from the ‘Loba’, looking in the mirror of a Torino that on Wednesday eliminated Milan at the San Siro or in that of a Parma that was about to do the same with Inter on the same stage.

The stick saved the visitors in what was the clearest of the first act, a powerful shot from Pellegrini, and, for a while, it seemed that the game was getting complicated again for Mourinho’s team, who continues to have problems getting up to speed on the ball. three-quarter zone and who missed Smalling on set pieces, a player capable of solving games in isolated plays.

But Dybala put on the worker’s overalls and put an end to the dream of a team that was relegated to Serie B last season. It was a matter of time before the wall that had been built in the Genoese team around the Spanish goalkeeper Josep Martínez, who saw how he kept the gate to zero with 22 shots against.

The Argentine appeared through the left-footed profile of the area to, after several dribbles, undo the tie and unleash the joy of the Olímpico, increasingly nervous as the minutes passed and with the examples of the rest of the rookies in the round of 16 flying over their heads.

Already with Cristante and Spinazzola on the field in the second half, the ‘Giallorosso’ team won in packaging and in control of possession. He put the game to sleep and extinguished any hint of surprise while Zaniolo continued to fight unsuccessfully to get away from the Genoa defense.

Dybala’s goal was enough to remind us that Roma have a new idol this season, that Mourinho trusts him and that if he is at this level he can make a difference in all competitions. Forty-five minutes was enough this time. Roma awaits Napoli in the quarterfinals, which to get there they will have to beat Cremonese, bottom club in Serie A, at home.


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Dybala leads and Roma will play Coppa Italia quarterfinals