Do you want to live in Italy? The European country gives you 600 thousand pesos to buy a house

Italy may be for many one of the places where dream to live or where would you like spend some time to know about its culture, gastronomy or its tourist sites, because with a new initiative this dream could come true.

In recent years, the European country has stood out for its social programs with which seeks to recover their spaces, cities and especially its small towns.

In this way, initiatives have been made known to buy properties from a single euro or like the one we tell you below to increase its population.

Italy and its program to live with everything paid

The small towns of Italy seek to recover their ancient magic and One way they intend to do this is by increase its populationas is the case of the city of Presicce-Acquaricawhich is located in the southern region of Puglia.

The city has the initiative “Welcome to Presicce-Acquarica” with which he promises the foreign citizens giving a pension of 30 thousand euros, more than 600 thousand pesosfor those who buy a house or what register your residence in the city.

Pessice-Acquarica has a population of 10,500 inhabitantsbut in recent years, the lack of job opportunities has made its inhabitants more and more leave the city and start leaving their homes.

By fighting against the lack of population, they seek with this new initiative that the city is reactivated and, by going viral in several countries around the world, that a greater number of people are at least interested in visiting it in order to generate profits for the businesses already established there.

As was the case with the one-euro house programme, the scheme for receiving financial support is the invest in a house Y commit to live there or renew it and the costs will be subsidized by the municipality from the city.

The maximum support that can be received is 30 thousand euros and until the 30 percent of available homes in the city are eligible to be part of the program.

Its need for population is such that in Pessice-Acquarica There are also social programs such as offer support of up to a thousand euros for each baby born in the region.

Where is this city in Italy located?

Pessice-Acquarica owes its name to what they are two cities: Aquarica del Capo and Presiccewhich are found united in a single municipality. Its location is in an area known as salentowhich on the map is located deep in the heel of the so-called boot that Italy is shaped like.

This town is considered one of the “most beautiful” in the country and it is due to details like your Baroque architecture and its great palaces. Its main square also stands out for its Main church, in white with a sculptural decoration in the shape of a swirl.

its streets meet white marble paving being one of the most common materials in the area and the most of the walls in their buildings are made of dry stonewhich gives it a special touch.

If you want to know more about the program you can access the page of the municipality of Presicce-Acquarica in: to find the program information and have the experience of living in Italy Y receive money at the same time for it.

Do you want to live in Italy? The European country gives you 600 thousand pesos to buy a house